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Juliet & The Captain by Lizbeth Dusseau

An 18th Century Tale of Discipline & Romance – There always seems to be a dominant man in Juliet’s life to redden her bottom when she misbehaves. As this sweeping story moves from the English heath and her stern guardian, to a deserted island, to the bustling streets of 19th century Boston, Juliet finds that there is one man above all others that not only gives her the discipline she needs, but threatens to claim her longing heart.
Through misfortune, disappointment and a variety of trials, Juliet and the Captain, Joshua Crow, find themselves thrown together by fate more than once, forced to face the fire in their tempestuous relationship with the help of a rugged leather belt… and a little tenderness to guide them.

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The stable was a dreary place that morning.  The sky was covered with dark clouds and considering the time of year, the drizzle was cold and penetrating.

Juliet approached the stable cautiously.  Reaching the entrance, she peeked inside, wondering which of Mr. Terrell’s grooms would be called on for the task.  Only once before had she been punished by a groom, when Mr. Terrell had been deathly sick and she was admonished for running off, sending the whole house in a flurry at a most inappropriate time.  That was several years before and not something she remembered well.

Seeing one of the grooms just emptying out a stall, Juliet stopped and waited.

“You’re here to get your due lass?” he turned to her.

“Yes,” she replied.

He nodded to the far end of the building.

“Not you?” she asked.

“No miss.  I could never redden your bottom.”  He said it with a genuinely kind smile.

Juliet walked further to where another groom had just brought back one of the horses from its morning workout.  The man was new to her guardian’s employ, a well muscled worker with broad shoulders, collar length blond hair and tanned arms that displayed a fierce strength.  She shivered nervously, afraid that this man could be quite ruthless.  Perhaps she would be better off with Mr. Terrell; though in his favor, she noted that this strong fellow did have a kind expression on his face.

“The master wants your bottom strapped?” he confirmed.

She nodded, still in awe of him.  Though he was not a country gentlemen, she saw that he was incredibly handsome with a look that suggested he could be as kind as he was fierce.

On a post next to him, there hung a broad leather strap which he pulled off the wall.  His large hand grasped the one end, a very breathtaking picture it was.  Never had she felt quite this way at the prospect of being disciplined.  She was quivering nervously, unsure what strange ideas were about to burst within her.

“Best get this out of the way, Miss.  Sorry to have to do it, but the master’s orders were clear.  I’m to work you over a good fifteen minutes, this strap on your bare arse.  I suspect you should bend over and grab the rail.  I wouldn’t want you to fall.”

Silently, Juliet complied.  Her heart was pounding rapidly, there was something so strangely different about this punishment than any at the hands of her guardian; but she didn’t have time to decide what it was before the groom had lifted her skirt and then ordered her to remove her bloomers.  Reaching around, she unbuttoned the last piece of clothing between she and the groom’s attentive eye.  She was trembling so badly, her fingers fumbled with the tiny buttons, making her hands virtually useless.

Instead of watching her struggle the man’s rough hands reached out and finished the job for her, surprising her with the deft movements in such a tiny space.  He left her to pull the garment down her legs, already backing away to take his aim.


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