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Just Getting Even by Patrick Richards

Maledom. “What goes around, comes around.” For nearly seven years she tortured and abused Mike and Adam who she kidnapped and forced to work in her silver mine. But now the situation is reversed. She’s their prisoner and will spend the next seven years enduring similar tortures and punishments as she used on them. The pair find her after three years of searching and it’s time for revenge! Forced hard labor, whipping and even branding are not enough to satisfy the men she used and later discarded as trash. Some of their best methods of torture include the desert in which they live. After all, everything in the desert either stings, pricks or bites. In the end she suffers the same final torture she had planned to use on them and they’ll have their pound of flesh. Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice was denied his pound of flesh because he couldn’t take a drop of blood. But, when you’re dealing with sharp-toothed nipple clamps, needles and spikes, there’s bound to be a little blood. After all, we’re talking about brutal, painful torture, aren’t we? Maledom, some Femdom, non-consensual, kidnapping, torture, extreme, oral, anal, body modification. A Sequel to Richard’s Road Trip ” the story of Mike and Adam’s incarceration

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That night I fucked him again and then shoved the huge butt plug back up his ass.  It was a little bigger than the dildo I used and wouldn’t come out without some help.

Finally I locked a three foot spreader bar between his legs and made him bend over until his wrists were locked beside his ankles.  That was the easy part.  I put that same leather strap around his balls, yanked it back between his legs and fastened it to a ratchet strap suspended from the ceiling.  I pulled it up tight, making him moan and then worked the handle, pulling him up until he was standing on his tiptoes.  The gag muffled most of his screams.

“I’m going to town and get some more beer.  When I get back, I’m going to use a paddle on those tender ass cheeks for a while.  Think about that while I’m gone, okay?”

I heard him scream something as I left.  I guess it wasn’t that important.

It took a while to pick up the things I needed.  I was gone better than an hour, but he was right there in tremendous pain when I returned.  He wasn’t quite as high up on his toes, but that was to be expected.  After all, most of his weight was supported by his testicles.  I guess he stretched his nut sac just a little.

I opened a beer and looked him over really good.  My finger nails left dark red streaks on his balls as I raked them across the tightly stretched skin several times, digging into them until they bled.  He moaned.

I think he said, “Please let me down.”

“Maybe when I’m done beating your ass.  We’ll see.”

I stepped behind him and just a little off to the left, testing the distance before I got started.  I brought my arm back and swung the paddle with all my might.   The smack echoed off the walls of the little cabin and the force nearly knocked him off his feet.  He screeched through the gag as the pain registered in his brain.  I’m sure he’s never felt anything like it.

I used a Spencer-type paddle that was a foot long and four inches wide.  With all the holes in the three-eighths inch plywood it struck extremely hard, leaving a wide red patch across his already bruised butt.  Of course the strap from his balls was between his ass cheeks and that hit certainly gave them a nasty jolt as well.  I enjoyed hearing him screech through the gag, as I blistered his ass unmercifully.  So I continued.  Over and over I struck those rounded globes, occasionally knocking him so far forward his entire weight was hanging from his balls.  He wasn’t able to move or avoid my brutal attack.  It really turned me on as he yelled and cried in agony with every strike.  God, my pussy was dripping, knowing how much pain I caused him.  Several times he struggled to keep his balance as my paddle slammed into his ass.  His shrieks became just garbled noise as I continued for several more minutes.

When my arm was too tired to swing the paddle any more, I threw it down and shoved my hand down in my pants.  Using two fingers I rubbed my clit and immediately went over the edge.  My orgasm hit me like an earthquake, as it roared through me.   I leaned back against the wall as my pussy exploded with lustful pleasure.  I finally got control of myself and examined his severely battered and blistered butt.  I knew that he wouldn’t be able to sit for at least a week, probably more.  It was already turning from a dark purple to a vivid black from the force of my many strokes.

Finally I let him down.  He just sank to his knees.  I released his wrists and locked them behind his back once more.  I put another strap above his elbows and tightened it as much as possible, pulling his elbows closer together.  Twice more I struggled to take up another hole in the strap, pulling his elbows so close they almost touched.  He shook his head and moaned.  I left his legs locked wide apart and dragged him over to the bed.

I helped him lean over the lower end of the mattress.  A short chain hooked to the spreader bar from under the bed held his feet in place.  Then I hooked the ratchet strap that hung above the bed to the chain on his handcuffs.  After pulling it as tight as possible, I worked the ratchet pulling his arms up higher in a strappado position.  He cried and wailed, as a painful strain was put on his shoulders.

“You know what I’m going to do now, bitch?”

“M – m – m – m….”

“That’s right.  I’m going to fuck you again.  You’ll like that, won’t you?”

“N – n – n….”

I picked out a much different rubber cock for his second rape.  It was quite a bit larger than the first one I used.  There was no use showing it to him since his head was pushed down into the bed with his arms drawn nearly straight up by the strap.

As I rubbed a little lube on his already damaged ass lips, he clenched them tight.

“You know that’s not going to help.  You can’t stop me,” I laughed.

There was no way he could possibly know how much pain this monster was going to cause.  It was easily a half inch bigger in diameter, not counting the numerous bumps and stiff ridges that covered its surface.  This evil dong was never meant for pleasure; it was designed strictly to cause pain and destruction.  But that’s what I wanted.  I wanted to destroy him.

As I pushed the large, rounded knob against his ass, he shook his head back and forth and screamed a terrifying, muffled sound.  If he only knew how bad this was going to be.

I pushed harder.  Slowly my fake dick penetrated his hole.  The sphincter muscle was stretched farther than ever before as new, terrifying screams escaped his gag.  With the head of my cock in his bowels I readied for my first thrust.  Suddenly I lodged all ten inches of the monster deep in his ass.  His entire body shuddered and shook from the force of my attack.

Slowly I pulled it back, leaving just the head inside.  Again I rammed it home, but this time I began a long, hard, steady fuck.  All the knobs and protrusions were doing a number on his ass muscle, as I continued screwing him.  I wasn’t going to quit until I had my sexual fix, no matter how long it took.  After several long minutes a rush of erotic pleasure shook me to the core.  God, it was wonderful.  I squealed and moaned in pleasure while he screamed and hollered from the pain.  His struggles and pain spurred me on before it subsided.

“Oh God!  That was absolutely fantastic, wasn’t it, bitch.”

He didn’t answer.

“Well, at least it was good for one of us,” I chuckled.

I unbuckled the harness from my hips and put it tightly around him, holding the enormous cock deep in his ass, stretching his raw, torn hole beyond its limit.

“Enjoy your night, slave boy.  We’ll continue this in the morning.  I’ve got so much more planned for you.  I bet you won’t like it any better.  Ha – ha – ha….”

I headed back to that little bar around ten, just to check things out.  No one said anything, so I shot a couple games of pool with a local guy.  He bought me a couple of beers before I headed home.  I didn’t even check on my new slave.  I figured he’d just have to fend for himself until I got back.

In the morning I released his arms from the ceiling ring and helped him stand before offering him a chance to piss in a jug.  He managed a little.  Finally I pushed him to the floor, so his entire weight was resting on his brutally battered buttocks and the huge dildo that was still imbedded deep in his ass.  His legs were still locked in the spreader bar with his wrists soon fastened there as well.  I put that strap back around his balls and hooked it to the center of the bar.  My slave was bent over and had to bend his knees way up to ease the strain on his overly stretched testicles.  That created a real problem for him.  He was going to need to stretch out his legs when his leg muscles started to cramp.  A few hours in that position was not going to be fun.  He might even rip his nuts off before the day was over.

I laughed.  Those balls probably won’t do him much good after today.  I doubt if they’ll work too well by the time I get done with him.

Suddenly I heard a truck drive up out front, so I picked up my shotgun and went out to see what they wanted.

“Didn’t you see the fucking signs?” I demanded angrily.  “This is private property, so turn your fuckin’ ass around and drive back out the way you came.”

“Just give me a minute, Ma’am.  Is this Elmer Jenkins’ place?” I asked.

“Might be.  What do you want with him?”

“My name’s Lyle Nesbitt, and I’m with the Atlas Oil and Gas Company out of Dallas, Texas.  Mr. Jenkins had an oil lease with our company quite a few years back.  It seems that we owe him a little over $47,000.  For some unknown reason he never got his checks.  It was probably some clerical error – maybe even the wrong zip code.  Hell, I have no idea why they didn’t pay him, but I’m here to get it straightened out.

“Is Mr. Jenkins around by any chance?  I’ve got his check right here someplace,” the guy said, as he fumbled through his papers.

“He died better than ten years ago, but I’m his niece and executor of his will.  Can’t you just sign the check over to me?”

“Well, there are a few legal things that would have to be done.  I’d have to see some identification and a copy of his will in order to do that.  Here, look at this paper,” he said, as he pulled out a manila folder filled with papers.

Just as I reached for it, the thing slipped out of his hand and scattered on the ground.  When I bent over to get it, his knee came up sharply, catching me directly under the chin.

“U – h – h…,” I gasped.

“Sorry, bitch” I heard him whisper, but it was too late.

As I started to straighten up, his fist came around and caught me right below the temple on the upper part of my jaw.  I staggered for a moment before sinking to my knees.  Then he was on top of me, pinning me to the ground.

In a distance, I thought I heard someone yell.  “Did you get her?”

“Yea, I’ve got the fuckin’ whore.  Get the duct tape from the truck and wrap it around her wrists and ankles.”

Being still stunned and almost on conscious, there was no way to fight him off.  The tape was wrapped tightly around my arms and legs before I came to my senses.

“We’ve spent three long years looking for you, and now we’ve got you, you fuckin’ whore!”

“Who the fuck are you?” I asked belligerently, as I slowly came to my senses.

“You don’t remember us, do you?  Well, you should.  I spent seven years digging silver out of that worthless hole you called a mine, and Adam here spent six.”

“Oh my God!  It’s Ass Hole and Cunt Face.”

“No, it’s Mike and Adam.  We are human beings and actually have real names, but you kidnapped us and made us your slaves.  I didn’t matter to you.  You beat us and tortured us, making us work sixteen to eighteen hours a day – seven days a week.  ‘Get four loads of ore out today,’ you’d tell us, ‘or I’ll string you up by your balls and let the buzzards eat you.’  We did it to avoid those horrific punishments.  You fed us stuff worse than pig slop and treated us like shit.  Hell, I never washed or brushed my teeth or even had toilet paper all that time I was there.  We never even had a place to sleep except for in the ore carts.  We slept there just to avoid the rattlesnakes that came into the mine at night to feed on the mice.  And when I tried to escape the second time, you hung me up by my nuts in the hot sun for most of the day before cutting them off.  What’s worse… you enjoyed every fucking minute of our suffering.

“Then there were the other guys who never survived.  I guess you killed them off because they couldn’t handle the constant abuse.

“I have no idea how you escaped when all the cops showed up, but not a one of you was ever found.  Well, we found you, and now you’re going to pay.  We will do everything you did to us and a hell of a lot more before we’re done.  You’ll suffer far more than that poor kid you keep over there in that hole in the ground.  You’ll feel more pain than that cowboy you had strung up by the balls in your back bedroom too.

“Yea, we know all about you.  We’ve been watching you for several days.  You aren’t going to be turned over to the police either.  No, that would be way too easy.  There won’t be any real justice from the law.

“No, we’ve got a place where you’ll never be found, and you’ll spend the rest of your life paying for your crimes against us and all the others.  If you think you made it rough on us, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Hell would be a lot better than what you’ll endure before you die.  And when I finally impale you on a sharpened stake out in the desert to let the buzzards clean your bones, you’ll be glad it happened.  You will get seven years of torture and pain before we do that to you.

“Adam, why don’t we get her ready to travel?”

“With pleasure.”

He pulled out a sharp knife and sliced up through my clothes, leaving me naked on the hot Nevada sand.  I watched him as he pulled out another length of tape.  I thought he was going to gag me with it, but he ran it down between my legs, covering my ass and bush.  Then a smaller one was placed across my mouth.

Mike picked up my cut-off jeans and pulled a key from the back pocket.  It fit the lock on the tiny pit near the out building.  They helped the poor kid from the hole.  There was no way to remove the steel collar or any of his shackles.  They had been fastened together with heavy rivets before being welded tight.  I had told him it would be three years for his robbery, but it would have been a life sentence.  I never would have released him.  I really enjoyed seeing him suffer down in that hole.  They helped him over to the porch and put him a chair.

“We’ll get you some help before long and get you out of those irons.  Don’t worry.  You’re safe now.  She’ll never hurt you or anyone else again.”

Then they went in the cabin and released my other playmate.  He was probably relieved to be rescued.  I had left him in a very painful position after last night’s fucking.  God, I had so many other wonderful things planned for him today.

“Now look guys,” Mike explained to them.  “We know what you’ve been going through.  Both Adam and I have experienced everything she’s done to you and far more.  We were her slaves for better than six years.  We’re not taking her to the police either.  We’re getting even.  She’ll spend the rest of her life suffering just like you have, instead of sitting in some plush, modern jail for the next few years and being released early on good behavior.  You can do what you want, but don’t ever tell anyone what happened to her.  As far as you know she went to town for beer and never returned.

Adam went over to the cabin and ripped down the cameras before going inside and removing the recorder.

“We’re leaving now,” Mike told them.   “I’m sure there’s some money stashed in there some place if you need it.”

Adam came over and reached down between my legs.  He had a big smile on his face, as he grabbed the end of the tape and gave it a sharp yank, painfully ripping the hair from my mound.  It was his version of a Brazilian waxing.

I tried to scream but the other tape silenced me, but I realized that it was just a message.  This was only the beginning of the pain facing me in my future.

Then I watched him, as he rolled the large blue plastic barrel from the porch over next to me.  Immediately I knew what was going inside.

I shook my head back and forth, but that didn’t matter.  They picked me up and stood me in the barrel.

“You can do this the easy way or the hard way, cunt.  It’s up to you, but in just a few minutes you’ll be in there.  If you don’t cooperate, I can go out behind the barn and turn over a few rocks.  I’m sure I can find a few nasty, little critters to put in there with you.  Some of them bite really bad.  They won’t kill you, but it’ll be a very unpleasant experience.  Especially when your closed in there and those real tender spots are on the bottom of the barrel.”

Reluctantly I pushed my feet forward so my toes were jammed against the side of the barrel and squeezed down inside.  Once passed the upper rim, I crouched down in a rather cramped position, but I fit.  Being rather claustrophobic I started to panic when the top was screwed down tight.  Luckily I had drilled a few holes in the upper section for air when I used this same barrel to transport one of my earlier victims.

“Oh God!  I can’t stand this,” I whispered, but it made no difference.  This is where I’d be until they decided to release me.”

Then I heard them close the hasps and click the four locks shut.  I knew my reign was over.  I had just gone from Mistress to slave.


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