Keeping Catherine Chaste


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Keeping Catherine Chaste by JG Leathers

This is the story of a young woman who as she matures, begins to explore the wonderful sensations her body is capable of creating, however, soon feeling guilty, she tells her mother.  Being religious to a fault, her parents soon have Catherine fitted with, and imprisoned in a truly limiting Anti-Temptation System.  Next, she is sent off to the local parochial school for young ladies where she discovers that she is not alone in being imprisoned within the restricting undergarments.  

Catherine remains a prisoner of her ‘System’ but is eventually freed and allowed to date.  Her long-frustrated desires boil to the surface and she soon falls victim to the suddenly available world of sensual pleasure, but it’s a trap.  Far too soon Catherine is forced into becoming a Nun in the Sisterhood Of Eternal Penitence and once she is delivered to the Convent, she is rapidly absorbed into a life long commitment to Poverty, Obedience, Chastity, Discipline and Silence while always being kept subject to constant electronic control.

This is not the end for Catherine though, for The Church has very definite plans for the young women it holds in captivity.  Eventually, she finds herself removed from human status and reduced to the level of an owned dairy animal …. a role she will never be permitted to escape from and one that she will endure for the remainder of her life.

Includes: female submission, whipping, orgasm denial, bondage, humiliation, degradation, chastity, discipline, and gags.

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