Khanna, The Insatiable



Khanna the Insatiable by Sabrina Fox

Khanna is the epitome of dominant female, five-feet-eight, dazzling blue eyes, toned body and 38 DD breasts. She?s a stunning, highly sexed warrior, a woman in charge, and this is the story of her quest to avenge her family’s brutal murder. As a member of the Mitsi tribe in the south of Kalifstan, she travels north to the city of Daqan in an attempt to exact revenge on the man she holds responsible, the odious King Gregore of the Hackham tribe. Along the way, there are numerous explicit and exciting sexual adventures including serving wenches, soldiers, a randy troll, threesomes, sex with an Incubus, the taking of a farmhand?s virginity and much more. Will Khanna ever reach the evil King? Will she ever make it out of the gorgeous older woman’s bedroom? Expect plenty of sword fights and gruesome deaths along the way as Khanna encounters enemy soldiers, mythical beasts among lots of X-rated romps! Sexy hot Female domination, F/f and male surrender.

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