Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch – ebook


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Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch by Alexander Kelly

Snatched off the street by heavy-handed thugs, the panicked Paige is bound, gagged and whisked into the back of a van. Despite her determined efforts to free herself, she moves from van, to concrete floor, to limousine, to a ghastly coffin especially fitted for the transport of a human submissive.
Arriving at her ultimate destination – a scary barbed-wire compound – Paige discovers that her boyfriend Robert has turned her into a submissive. She’s now one of many captive sex submissives residing in a hidden valley where a secret society of Masters and submissives exists, known only as Valhalla. Because no one knows who sponsored Paige into their highly organized society, she’s passed among the valley’s ruling triumvirate as they each attempt to cruelly torture the needed information from her.
Paige has no answers to their interrogations, but she soon sees how the ruling members spar, and hopes to use this fact against them and finally earn her freedom. Before long the feisty submissive – who just happens to relish her masochistic sex – is dubbed the ‘Princess Bitch’. In an especially cruel torture, she’s deprived of the sexual fulfillment she loves. No matter how many frustrated insults she hurls at her conniving captors, everyone bows to her as if she were not a slave at all.
In time, Paige learns that she alone has been forced into this strange brand of submissiveness, while the others are there by choice. Her secretive sponsor has planted her at Valhalla in hopes that she will bring down the triumvirate. In an odd twist of fate, she is poised to take on a powerful role in the future of the valley society. Although to secure that powerful position, she’s required to submit to the meanest of tortures – taking fifty from the dangerous bullwhip, and then trained as a ponygirl forced into the brutal pony races. While the fate of Valhalla may hinge on Paige, a far more personal fate may await the Princess Bitch, when an unexpected romance blooms between Paige and one of her captors.
How will it end? That’s for the reader to discover… you can be assured however, that as this suspenseful novel unfolds, the skilled author, Alexander Kelly, will include a feast of graphic sadomasochistic content including bondage, whips, racks, gagging, sex, torture, electric play, dildos, strap-ons and ponygirl training, with both Male and Female domination of Paige and her fellow female submissives.

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