Lady Deborah Turns the Tables


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Lady Deborah Turns the Tables by Robin Bond

Robert enjoys his life as a wealthy banker, and as a dominant with several submissive girlfriends. But when he goes too far with one of them, spanking her savagely against her will, she complains to an acquaintance, Lady Deborah, a well-connected socialite. The girl shows her incriminating photographs of Robert’s excesses, and Lady Deborah decides that he must be taught a lesson. Threatening to send the photographs to his colleagues at the bank unless he does exactly as he is told, Lady Deborah embarks on a course of training for Robert, during which he is subjected to the same treatment he likes to hand out to girls, and much worse! Over time, Lady Deborah turns him into her willing submissive, through rigorous, often severe discipline, humiliation and total control. Eventually he is persuaded to renounce his former life, and becomes the willing servant of two lesbians, with Lady Deborah paying regular visits to check on his progress.

Femdom, M/f, F/f and F/m spanking, whipping, CBT, nipple clamps, bondage, group sex, gay sex, pegging, orgasm denial, forced feminisation, body modification, pet training.

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