Lambda House Rules


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Lambda House Rules by Imelda Stark

Imagine an unusual University, one that proudly advertises itself to its conservative students and their families as promoting corporal punishment for disciplining wayward pupils. Every dorm has a dais in its living room upon which miscreants can look forward to having their youthful bodies bent over a horse and restrained in front of the avid eyes of their peers. Pleated plaid uniform skirts will be ceremoniously raised and conservative white cotton panties will be lasciviously lowered to offer up bare young buttocks to receive their just desserts from the leather paddles of their stern House Mothers and Head Girls. Girls whose feminine parts are observed to respond with arousal to their spanking are offered special private punishment that combines detailed chastisement of their erogenous zones with unimaginably gratifying sexual satisfaction. This is done in order to addict them to the world of painful pleasures as well as to recruit the next generation of perverted leaders to bend, bare, and belabor the trembling bottoms of the next generation of naughty girls and boys.

Contains much Femdom/femsub, some maledom/femsub, and some femdom/malesub. Also lots of spanking with forced orgasms, breast torture, pussy torture, anal play, and testicular torment.

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There can be no doubt that those who coveted the positions of authority at the U that gave them carte blanche to administer corporal punishment found their task to be sexually gratifying. There was apparently no shortage of otherwise qualified men and women who would accept the low pay in order to take covert pleasure in the baring and chastising of beautiful young buttocks. But among the Houses, there was a secret but well-understood hierarchy of the degree to which corporal punishment was routinely eroticized. And Lambda House was at the extreme salacious end of that spectrum. Girls who opted to live there did so with the oft confirmed suspicion that after their bottoms had been properly chastised for their wicked ways; erotic rewards were available to those who wanted them.

Petite blonde Erica had been identified by Amanda as a candidate for just such attentions during the previous evening’s routine Lambda House meeting. These were conducted by each House Mother several nights a week. After announcements and exhortations to good behavior and proper Lambda spirit, these sessions consisted primarily of a roll call of each coed’s demerits. Once a certain threshold was exceeded, that unlucky student was in for painful and embarrassing consequences for her backside before the meeting would be adjourned. Demerits were reported in by classroom teachers and school administrators or staff for misbehavior (such as failure to do homework, talking in class, flirting, rebelliousness, or cutting class). Public punishments were conducted in the residential Houses by the House Mothers for the girls and the House Masters for the boys. This avoided the erotic spectacle of watching the opposite gender’s buttocks being bared and chastised. Of course, no one would acknowledge that bisexual or gay or lesbian students actually existed on campus. So any homosexual titillation from observing public spankings was not discussed and therefore presumed not to exist.

Each House had a large living room where students tended to congregate when not hard at work in their dorm rooms. And each of these rooms, in addition to comfortable couches, had a small sturdy 6-inch elevated dais at one end on which the House Mother and Head Girl would sit when addressing their minions. Each of these raised platforms also sported a peculiar item of furniture unique to the U. Legend had it that their Founder has designed and constructed the first prototype with his own hands. They were called Punishment Horses, and were constructed in the campus workshop out of fine hardwood. Patterned after standard saw or saddle horses, each had a 4-inch diameter cylindrical cross bar 4 feet long, into each end of which were countersunk two inch-thick 3 foot long legs whose feet were secured by brass screws to the wood of the dais. Each of those feet had a small hole drilled in it through which a 2-foot length of soft nylon rope was strung. This was used to secure each miscreant’s wrists and ankles once she was bent over the crossbar so she would not be tempted to interfere with her punishment.

So by the end of each House Meeting, there would be a line of blushing coeds to the left of the dais, each unconsciously patting her derriere in anticipation of its impending public ordeal. For the Founder had decreed, and the House Mothers and Masters fervently agreed, that God had Intelligently Designed that part of the human body quite perfectly to receive punitive attention. That attention was delivered, at least in public settings, with a black leather paddle consisting of an oval business end perhaps the size of a man’s hand that extended into a six-inch handle of the same two-ply finished cowhide.

This implement was necessary in order to forestall any inappropriate contact between the flesh of the punisher’s hand and the rather intimate region targeted by the punishment. When Amanda had been promoted to Head Girl her Senior year, her predecessor had passed down to her the paddle that went with that role. This was done, of course, after that very implement had been used one last time to belabor our heroine’s perfect buttocks. These had been a weekly target of painful attention in spite of the brunette’s best efforts at good behavior. The older girl had taken a special shine to Amanda, not only because of her trim muscular derriere, but due to the way her bottom reacted to its inevitable ordeals.

Head Girls and House Mothers paid close attention during routine public punishments to the telltale organ between the legs of penitent girls. (No doubt the leaders of the male dorms had parallel observations of their charges, though those less subtle signs tended to ‘stick out like a sore thumb’). A certain small fraction of the female beneficiaries of their untender mercies would demonstrate a telltale engorgement and lubrication of their genital flowers. These were secretly termed ‘Dirty Girls’, and were especially prized by those in charge of them for many reasons. Most of all would be the sheer sport of privately punishing and pleasuring students who were already wired to eroticize having their bottoms bared and spanked. But secondarily, these were the potential recruits for the next generation of inhabitants of the dominant role. They were to be carefully cultivated to pass on the tradition to generations of successors.

Public spankings were routinely delivered by the House Mother and Head Girl together, each paddling one side of the miscreant’s derriere. After each girl in line had her demerits read out and enumerated, she would be prescribed a number of ‘Our Fathers’ she was to receive. This was also a tradition that the Founder had begun, making the recipient of corporal punishment call out one word of The Lord’s Prayer after each painful intersection between the hard leather and soft buttock flesh. This would mean a total of seventy spanks, regarded to be a good minimum dose to effectively discourage basic infractions. Of course, if a girl was too upset to keep her count and choke out the proper word of the prayer, her chastisement would start over from its beginning. Punishments would increase in integer increments of that prescription, though it was rare to see a public spanking exceed two or three Our Fathers. Of course, what the House Mothers and Head Girls got up to in their private sessions with their favorite Dirty Girls was a different matter entirely.

So when each miscreant girl was called up, usually already blushing and sometimes even premonitorily shedding a few tears, she would be led to the Punishment Horse in the center of the dais. There she would be helped by her stern leaders to face the crossbar and bend over to have her wrists firmly tied to the back feet of the device. No desperate hands were to be able to come between her naked buttocks and their torment. Then her pleated plaid midi uniform skirt would be raised and deposited carefully over her torso. There it would stay no matter how enthusiastically she might buck as she received her painful dose. Then matters diverged depending on the House in which the punishment was being delivered. The more conservative establishments might leave her uniform panties (always white cotton bikinis that modestly covered her crotch and bottom) in place for her ordeal.

But at Lambda House the House Mother proclaimed that she was in the business of punishing girls and not their clothing. Lip service was paid to this being in the penitent’s best interests in that a bared bottom could be better monitored to ensure its travails would not be too severe. Other administrators insisted that having a punished bottom publicly bared added embarrassment to the penance it richly deserved. Therefore once each miscreant had her skirt raised the Head Girl was tasked with removing the victim’s panties completely, leaving her bare from the waist down save for her knee socks and sensible flat shoes. Then the House Mother would take one ankle and the Head Girl the other and place them outside the front legs of the Punishment Horse (in order to get maximum exposure of her buttocks and the charms between her legs, thereby adding further humiliation to her ordeal). Once her legs were inexorably tied in place, each penitent knew that she would not be able to protect a single nerve ending of her most intimate flesh from what it had coming to it.

In the case of lovely blonde Erica, she was last in a line of four miscreants being paddled by Amanda and her Head Girl, Janine. Janine was the eldest daughter of a Korean Baptist minister who had disciplined his children (and their half-black Mother, behind closed doors but clearly audible to the entire household) with the fierceness of that race. She was a dedicated Ta Kwan Do practitioner and instructor, as well as having the exotic good looks of many Eurasian offspring. Her spanks were every bit as fierce as Amanda’s (whom she also hero worshipped in addition to, or perhaps because of, receiving routine special private painful and pleasurable attention from her superior to her own shapely posterior).

Erica was new in Lambda House and this was her first House Meeting. She and the other Freshwomen had been whispering to each other about this very moment. Their Freshman Advisors had gently encouraged them towards Lambda House based on their interest in cheerleading and their subtle sense that they might be well suited to the particular charms of that community. They knew from teasing comments from older girls that the chances were slim of their rear ends going unspanked for very long. And indeed, all four of the girls in the lineup were new recruits who had not yet mastered the strategies for avoiding demerits.

Each had been assigned a single Our Father’s worth of painful attention to her bottom. And while she would not dare to admit it to herself, Erica was very interested to watch her classmates take their medicine. Spankings in her house had been delivered in private by the parent of the same gender as the culprit, so she had never seen another girl getting punished. But she had spent many hours of private time while playing with herself imagining her current girl crush having her panties lowered and buttocks warmed as she knew most of her friends did. After all, they were all students at her extremely conservative day school noted for its zero tolerance for misbehavior.


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