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Landscapes of Lydia by Eve Lee

In a remote rural community on the island of Oahu, Lydia, a mysterious South American woman, walks into the home of artist Eve and her husband Joe. With Lydia’s arrival, the tumultuous sexual adventures begin, along with increasingly haunting misadventures. The mesmerizing Lydia enchants them with her freewheeling sexual confidence, and leads them both into a realm of ecstasy. Eve revels in the feeling of liberation as she explores increasingly wild fantasies, and yet, she begins to sense a brooding threat in Lydia’s apparent obsession with controlling the lives of the people around her.

The plot darkens as Eve discovers that the addictively uninhibited Latina has a shadowy past and a strange power over the people whose lives she touches.

When the sexual games lead to the collapse of the couple’s relationship, Eve tries to lose herself in her work. But Lydia’s sexuality is now even dominating her paintings, and it becomes clear that there’s nothing to do but to play the scenario through to the dangerous end.

As the stormy darkness gathers, Eve is drawn into increasingly frantic sexual escapades. What began as a harmless threesome has become something infinitely more perilous. Eve begins to wonder if the beautiful Latina is a sort of sorceress – but only when it’s too late does she realize that this irresistible femme has lured her into a centerstage-performance amongst a whole cast of what the Lydia sees as her sexual marionettes.

Includes, Lesbian erotica, threesome (F/F/M and F/F/F), anal, oral, fisting, female masturbation, sex toys, rimming, orgy, gangbang (consensual).

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…And this was the moment that Joe chose to walk back into the room. It didn’t take an instant for him to sum up the situation and to realize that the coffees he’d brought from the kitchen were now entirely superfluous to requirements. Our minds were clearly on far earthier needs.

If he was shocked to see his wife with her hand inside our visitors dress he did his best to hide the fact: “Ermmm…” he smiled, trying to sound casual as he put down the rattling cups. “If I’m intruding…”

It was clear that he was wondering whether he was expected to back out in a display of reluctant chivalry, but at the same time I had no doubt that he’d much rather be invited to stick around. “I gather I wasn’t missed,” he added, taking in the entire scene while simultaneously gazing directly into Lydia’s smokey eyes.

“Oh, please don’t stop Eve,” she groaned. “If you two are okay with this I’m happy for Joe to stay…”

“Well, that’s a relief,” he said, clearly delighted. “Since we’re supposed to be showing you around the house anyway maybe you’d prefer to see the bedroom first?”

“Lead the way!” Lydia giggled as she wriggled away from me. “I feel like such a slut lying half-naked across your bar.”

“Don’t worry,” I managed to say, my mouth dry with excitement. “You’re not a slut. And you’re not even half naked…yet.”

“I wouldn’t like you to think I’m a slut,” she said, pulling her dress down around her legs. “Not yet anyway. I might be when we get to the bedroom.”

Lydia barely broke step as we walked into the bedroom. In the blink of an eye she’d tugged the dress up over her head and it was fluttering in a wispy black cloud onto the timber floorboards. As the taut muscles of her belly came into view, a surge of anticipation washed over me in a wave of heat that concentrated between my thighs. I envied the sexy simplicity that gave her the freedom to get naked with such a total lack of inhibition. The filmy sheath had left very little to the imagination it’s true, but now she stood entirely unabashed in front of two total strangers, clad just in the G-string triangle and a lacy bra.

As she threw herself onto the bed the lacy underwear still offered no hint as to the limitations of her tan-lines. She lay there in utmost confidence and I had the impression that I was looking at a sleek, sensual cat. She lay, without embarrassment, with her arms spread and her feet up on the duvet so that she smiled down at us from between her raised thighs. “Don’t just stand there,” she commanded. “Get naked and join me!”

Joe pulled me close and kissed me once as he helped to lift my t-shirt over my head. Then he unbuttoned my shorts and I slipped them down while he whipped his own shirt off. He was clearly anxious to maintain momentum – to diminish the possibility of my nerves intruding to break up the party. I was still in my bra and panties as I crawled up from the foot of the bed between Lydia’s tanned legs. I glanced back once to see that Joe was already entirely naked. From the way Lydia’s eyes were devouring his erection it was clear that this woman was no dedicated lesbian. Nevertheless, she helpfully eased her ass up off the bed as I hooked my fingers into the elastic of her panties and began to slide them down her long legs. I paused again to enjoy the sight of her pretty white toenails – deliberately delaying the anticipation before I allowed my eyes to settle on her most secret spot. She’d waxed herself entirely naked within the pale triangle created by her bikini line. A hint of silvery glistening where her pussy lips pouted betrayed the fact that she was already highly aroused. This girl was clearly not given to faking her emotions.

I felt the mattress give slightly as Joe knelt on the end of the bed behind me.

“There’s always something kinky about being naked down below while you still have your top covered,” Lydia said. “But this bra has been pinching me all day. So, if you don’t mind…” She arched her back and reached behind to flick the clasp loose. As she wriggled out of the bra her small sporty breasts jiggled playfully, as if in relief. Where the sun had not touched it her skin was creamy, like foam topping the café au lait tone of her tan. Their paleness emphasized surprisingly dark nipples that jutted like chocolate-coated raspberries.

“That’s better,” she said as she massaged her liberated breasts and let her thighs open.

“It certainly is,” Joe whispered as his hand released my own bra so that my tits hung weightily.

Lydia reached a hand down between her thighs, fleetingly slicking a finger with her juice before she reached for me as I loomed over her. I felt her slippery fingertips teasing my nipple. “Mmmm,” she said. “You have wonderful boobs.”

My only reply was to lower my head and plant a series of kisses down her belly. Then I moved lower – catching just a hint of her musky scent – and kissed her thigh. The anticipation was more than either of us could stand now. I had no further appetite for delay and I leaned forward to lick, in one long hungry lap, up the length of Lydia’s pussy. She tensed and her feet slipped on the bed, as if struggling to escape: “Dios mio!” she gasped throatily.

I spread her thighs wider still with my hands and heard her gasp again as my tongue lapped harder, enjoying my first taste of another woman’s arousal. Her belly tensed and those white nails reached to pluck tentatively at her stiff nipples. Still kneeling behind me, Joe eased my panties down to my knees and I shifted my hips as I felt his fingers begin to explore my wetness. Although apparently preoccupied with the sensations my mouth was wreaking, as I suckled her lips and flicked my tongue over her clitoris, I could see that Lydia was watching Joe intently. Knowing him well, I was sure that he’d now be slowly wanking his thick cock as he enjoyed the show.

“Come closer Joe,” she said, and I felt his weight obediently shift on the bed. “You don’t mind do you Eve?” she asked, smiling down at me as my tongue teased her slit.

“No,” I said, momentarily releasing my attention and feeling the cool breeze on my wet chin. “I’d prefer it if he doesn’t actually fuck you. But apart from that, feel free.”

As I watched Lydia reach out to fondle Joe’s erect cock I quelled a pang of jealousy by plunging my tongue brutally all the way into her cunt. She stiffened as if electrified and her dark eyes rolled over in ecstasy until only the white was visible. The excitement of the tongue-fucking seemed to boost her to new levels of enthusiasm and she leaned forward to run her tongue hungrily up the length of Joe’s shaft. She licked desperately around the head and then raising her neck she drew his cock into her mouth and reached around to pull at his ass so that he had little choice but to fuck her mouth.

Both Lydia’s legs were now raised high off the bed and Joe took hold of an ankle, bending her almost double so that my rasping tongue ran amok over the whole area of her crotch. She almost gagged as she sucked him desperately into her mouth. As I licked her increasingly frantically I watched his thick shaft sliding between the woman’s pretty lips, his heavy balls swinging against her cheek.

Lydia’s thighs were wet and warm and as I felt under her it seemed that she almost engulfed my hand so that three fingers slipped effortlessly into her. I could feel her orgasm building, her juices flooding out past the fingers that plugged her and running in an oily slick over her ass. As my fingers stretched the walls of her cunt I fastened my mouth firmly onto her clit and started to suckle. The combined sensations racked her so that she bucked her hips off the bed and groaned on his cock.

“Oh fuck,” she said, momentarily removing him from her mouth. “Ooooh. Fuck!”

As her orgasm started to rise she slipped her lips back over Joe’s throbbing tool and began simultaneously to wank him with her fist.

I watched as he tensed, recognizing the familiar hardening of his belly, the bucking of his hips. His sperm erupted into her mouth and, like a chain reaction, it ignited her own orgasm. She bucked against me, reaching down to hold my head and grind herself against my mouth. I looked up at the beautiful woman, her lips and chin still slicked with my husband’s cum. I massaged the walls of her pussy with my fingers as I felt her ejaculation start to gush over my face.




There were two incidents that afternoon that might have set alarm bells ringing in my head – but my emotions were in far too much turmoil to register on anything approaching a sensible intellectual level. My hormones had ridden rough-shod over any of the normally reasonable adult qualities I pride myself on. So, I simply let myself revel in that Lydia-inspired whirlpool of sensations.

“I love your whore moans,” Lydia told me later – on more than one occasion. Just one of the silly innuendos that so often set her chuckling.

The first incident came after we’d disentangled ourselves from the collapsed positions that had turned the bed into a train-wreck. I was still lying with my cheek on Lydia’s slicked inner thigh.

“I’ve been swooning in a P.O.B. daze,” Lydia smiled finally, tousling her long black hair. “Snap out of your post orgasmic bliss too Joe, ya big stud. We’re being selfish. Now it’s Eve’s turn.”

She kicked her legs free from the sheets and turned on the bed so that she could plant soft caressing kisses on my breasts. I watched with curiosity as she took a nipple into her hot mouth. She seemed to be mumbling – almost humming as she did so – and by the time she moved to the other nipple the first was already fully swollen and erect. I felt her kisses working softly, tenderly down my stomach. She continued to move southwards and Joe propped himself lazily on an elbow to watch. I smiled at him and he winked as he stroked the curve of Lydia’s tanned ass where just the hint of that pale Y marked her bikini-line.

She looked up at me with a mischievous smile: “Can I ask you guys something personal?”

“Sure,” I shrugged. “I think after all this intimacy we have very few secrets left anyway.”

“Do you like anal?”

The casualness and blatancy of the question struck me. There was that initial moment of doubt when I wondered if there was a hint of judgement in her question. Then I wondered if she was just deliberately trying to shock me. If so, it worked. Furious at myself, I realized that I was probably blushing and was reacting once again like that smitten freshman. But Joe was already laughing loudly – perhaps at her sheer audacity. But what was really laughable, now I come to think of it, was that this beautiful woman was on the verge of going down on me and I was blushing like an old prude. I was so taken aback that it took me a moment to formulate a reply.

“No,” I whispered. “I’m not comfortable with that.”

I wasn’t sure that she heard me because at the instant I spoke she’d pried my legs apart and rasped a hot tongue right down the length of my slit. I gasped and pushed my hips up at her for more. But she disengaged her mouth momentarily.

“That’s fine Princesa. Then can I please watch while Joe slips that big dick into your pretty cunt?”

Her brutal use of the c-word was almost surely designed to shock us too, but that wasn’t what stuck in my mind afterwards: this was the first time she called me ‘Princesa’ and from that moment it became her nickname for me. She delighted in using it in public – sometimes affectionately but more often in joking tones since she knew that it was powerfully reminiscent for me of the most shocking moments on our first afternoon.

“Get around here Joe,” she commanded. “Don’t be lazy. You’ve got some work to do before you can rest big fella.”

She bent her head again, brushing my pussy lips apart with a tongue that felt like warm velvet. I was grateful that I’d taken the time to trim myself a couple of days before and, although not a smooth Brazilian, my pubic mound was topped with a coin-sized patch of brown fur, just the way Joe preferred it.

“Hmmm, a grassy knoll,” I could feel Lydia’s breath between my thighs. “Perfect for shooting over the top of, right Joe?”

I would come to realize later that Lydia considered conversation to be part of humankind’s sexual toy cupboard. There had been times when Joe and I had enjoyed talking dirty and in the throes of the most intense excitement we could sometimes lose ourselves entirely in each other’s words. But more often I preferred silence in which to focus on the sensations. Not Lydia. She clearly believed that language was central – not merely supplementary – to lovemaking. There were two sides to her character – almost a bipolarity. She was capable of the most outrageous language while in the throes of lovemaking and yet I don’t recall ever hearing her curse in normal everyday conversation. I was with her once when she snapped one of her precious talons and the worst I heard from her was a vociferous “Dagnamit!”

During the height of her arousal she exploded all her filters, however. More than once I thought that she deliberately evoked whore-speak in order to shock me but afterwards I came to realize that her words were almost psychological charms. She had a talent for using her words. She was a sex-witch, capable of casting spells that would temporarily make anyone who heard her – most especially males – almost possessed. At other times her vocalization seemed to be entirely for her own benefit. As I came to know her better I would sometimes wonder who I was with as she lost herself in an entire monologue of presumably untranslatable vulgarities in her native Spanish. At such times it would have a strangely exciting effect on me as I imagined that the unintelligible words she was using were so incredibly immoral that she must disguise them, even from me, in the gothic cloak of Don Juan.

But that was all much later and on that first afternoon – when I was yet even to learn of her Venezuelan roots – she stuck politely (relatively speaking) to English.

“Come around here Joe,” she said. “Kneel between Princesa’s legs and get that big cock ready. I want to show you where I want you to fuck her.”

I was aghast at the feeling that I was being treated as a sex object. As a proudly independent woman I felt that I should resent the treatment. At the same time, rather than actual arousal, I felt a strange curiosity to see where this would lead. This too was the sort of psychological game that Lydia found great thrill in.

She was leaning over me now and I felt her fingers prizing me open. Her dark hair tickled my thighs and I had a moment of nervousness at the thought of those ivory talons opening my soft flesh like an eagle gripping its prey. Then I felt my pussy moistening at the mere idea that my vagina was being held open, and I was spread before the eyes not only of my husband but also of this beautiful woman who wanted to watch us fuck. I knew that Joe enjoyed looking at me and sometimes, just for the fun of it, I’d spread myself for him. Sometimes I’d masturbate while he watched but often I would simply spread my pussy and get turned on watching him wank while he stared right into my pink hole. But now Lydia was holding me open like that, I could feel her fingertips spreading my lips and I shuddered with excitement as I pictured how my swollen clit and soft pink entrance would be whorishly visible to them both.

Now Lydia shifted her position on the bed. She lifted her thigh carefully and straddled my face. I felt her firm breasts resting on my belly and looked up to see her smooth naked pussy lowering over my mouth. I worked my arms out from under her and cupped my hands on her ass as I pulled her down more firmly towards my face. I felt Lydia’s hands release their hold as she copied my position, reaching under me to spread my pussy from underneath. I groaned in ecstasy as, for the second time that afternoon (and only the second time in my life), I tasted the musky juice of an incredibly horny woman.

“She’s definitely ready for you Joe,” I heard Lydia croon. “Look how wet she is!”

I felt her shift position and for a moment her pussy escaped the reach of my probing tongue. I found myself staring down between her brown thighs at the twin swellings of her pussy lips and the pouting indentation of her asshole. From her rhythmic movements I could tell that she was sucking Joe’s cock, preparing him. I craned my neck to see my husband’s blissed-out face as her warm mouth played with him.

“Okay greedy,” she laughed, disengaging herself. “This is all about Eve, remember?” She laughed again. “Slide that big cock into her tight cunt.”

I felt the head of his cock rasping up and down my slit, perhaps directed by Lydia as she slicked it with my juice. Then I adjusted my hips as I felt the head pushing into me. Lydia’s fingers were still underneath me, holding my lips open. In one smooth slide Joe sunk his entire length into me and my gasp was muffled as Lydia slid back into the saddle, her pussy grinding hard onto my mouth. With her thighs clamped either side of my face my hearing was also somewhat impaired but the wild young slut was talking louder now, keeping pace with her mounting horniness: “That’s it big guy,” I heard her say, goading him. “Fuck that pussy deep. I want to watch Eve cum over your cock.”

She was really getting into her monologue now. This was a side to Lydia’s unique horniness that I would come to know well in the coming weeks but this first time, I can’t deny it, it shocked me. I remember feeling absurdly grateful that I was excused from an obligation to take part in her obscene conversation simply by the fact that I was effectively muzzled by her pussy.

“You could pull out at the last moment and cum in my mouth if you want Joe,” she said. There was a note of coy innocence in her voice that was clearly calculated to excite him still more. “But if you don’t mind I’d like to watch you cream-pie Princesa’s pussy. I want you to cum into her Joe.”

Lydia was still an unknown quantity but I knew Joe well enough to realize that he was not going to be able to hold back long in the face of this gorgeous woman’s whorish enthusiasm. What surprised me too though was that, despite myself, I was also getting frantically turned on as she goaded him into increasingly swollen stiffness within me. She would bend her head so that I could feel a flutter of hot tongue-lashes over my clit. Then she would rise again to offer Joe more words of encouragement: “Is that nice big guy? Is the Princesa’s hot cunt gripping that thick cock? I can feel your balls slapping against her ass.”

I could imagine her pretty face gazing intently into his, her eyes dark and smokey. Her voice crooning. Her chin slicked with my juices. It was true that her fingers were under me and I realized now, with a jolt of excitement, that I could feel her fingertip gently nuzzling my asshole. Normally, I don’t even like it when Joe touches me there but pinned as I was under the woman’s weight and with Joe holding my ankles spread high I was unable even to wriggle. Then Lydia slid back firmly onto my face and, even had I wished to say something, it was all I could do to breathe under her thighs. I felt my pussy start to tense, my thighs shaking with excitement. Just as an incredible orgasm began to jolt through me like electricity, I realized that she was slipping the tip of her finger into my ass.

As I began to buck on titanic waves that threw me across the bed I pointed my tongue and drove it as deep as I could into her hole.

“Oh my god Joe,” I heard Lydia gasp. “Your wife is tongue-fucking my ass!”

It wasn’t strictly true – although, if I’m honest, it was so close to true that it made little difference in a geographical sense. Nevertheless, it had the effect she doubtless anticipated. I felt Joe stiffen inside me and as I clenched tighter still onto his shaft I felt his cum gush up into my pussy. I heard his muffled grunt and realized that it was cut-off almost before it sounded by a deep, passionate kiss from Lydia.

We collapsed onto the bed again and lay gasping, amazed at the trembling in my thighs and the pulsing throb of my pussy.

It was only later, as the three of us lay side-by-side that I was struck by a thought: the realization that my husband had just orgasmed while kissing another woman struck me as powerfully intimate. It was ludicrous and melodramatic that I should feel ‘betrayed by a kiss’ after everything the three of us had been up to that afternoon. This, seemingly insignificant as it was, was the second incident that afternoon that should have set alarm bells ringing in my head. I chose to put it out of my mind at the time but perhaps some of the strange turn of events that would link our lives through the coming weeks stemmed from my illogical reaction to that moment.



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