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Laura and Auntie Harriet by Alex Thornfield

Though happily married at forty-three, something’s missing in Laura’s life ” the closeness, guidance and even discipline that she received from her mother while she was growing up. When she meets the older woman Harriet, the formidable woman sparks in Laura the kind of feeling she has been hungering for. While the two women are shopping at the local mall, Laura watches in awe as she witnesses Harriet intervene when a young female customer becomes disrespectful of the shop assistance. And when Harriet’s admonishment of the rude woman ends with a blistering. “If you were my daughter, when I got you home, I’d spank your bottom so hard that you wouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow,” Laura finds herself so aroused by the encounter that she’s creaming her panties. Once confessing her secret desires to Harriet, Laura soon finds herself calling Harriet “Auntie”, and on a roller coaster ride of desire, uncertainty, self-discovery, kindness, and promise at the hands of this experienced teacher. Auntie even provides her with useful tips for Laura to bring to her marriage bed.
Includes, F/f, F/m, m/f, spanking exhibitionism, and allusions to knicker-wetting, anal and oral sex.

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The first breakthrough came soon after Laura bought her new outfit which Harriet had suggested for her. They went back to Harriet?s after swimming and Harriet just knew that Laura was bursting to tell her something. It didn?t take long for it to come out.?I must tell you something good Harriet,? said Laura excitedly.?You must!? replied Harriet with glee.?Well, I wore my new outfit for Philip the other evening.? Then Laura teased Harriet by pausing.?Laura, the suspense is killing me. And???Laura giggled. ?Well, he said, ?That?s a nice outfit, it really suits you.???I replied, ?I?m glad Philip. Harriet helped me choose it.????Good,? he replied and then excused himself to go and do some work.?Harriet looked at Laura and saw the look of a cat playing with a mouse in her eyes. Harriet let Laura revel in her power for a moment. Then she reached out and gently rubbed the back of Laura?s hand with one of her palms. ?But that?s not the end of the story is it, Laura?? With ease, Harriet had changed the power dynamic back in her favour and Laura couldn?t hold back.?Harriet, about nine, I went to his office, just to see how he was getting on. He was friendly and just chatted as he normally does. Then, I don?t know why, I just went round to his side of the desk and sat on it. That got his attention and I just came out with, ?Would you like to take me to bed, Philip?? I?m not sure why I said it. It just came out.??And how did he respond?? said Harriet looking straight into Laura?s eyes, with love.?Well, I was surprised. He said ?Yes,? and got up and held my hand and we went upstairs. But I could tell he was a bit flustered. When we got into the bedroom, I drew the blinds and we kissed and cuddled for a minute. We went to the bed and I sat down, but then I got a shock. Philip got on the floor and started kissing my knees. I was surprised. I could tell he was excited, but he didn?t say anything. Then he asked me to get onto the bed but keep my shoes on.??I like the sound of this Laura. What happened next???Well, I laid on my back and he got onto the bed and he just started kissing me all over my legs. He took my shoes off and kissed my toes, over my tights, as if he wanted to eat them. He kissed the soles of my feet and then started on my knees again, working his way up my thighs, to the hem of my skirt, which had risen up a bit.??And how did you feel Laura???I liked it and felt embarrassed about it at the same time. But I thought he was feeling the same. Then he asked me in a flustered voice to take my skirt off. So, I did. And then? and then?? Harriet gave Laura?s thigh a reassuring rub. ?And then he was knelt beside me and he just bent down and started covering my thighs and inner legs with kisses, like he wanted to eat me.? Laura blushed and let out a little moan. ?Then he stared kissing me in the gusset of my tights and knickers and he did that like he really did want to literally, eat me.??And how did that make you feel???Shocked?because I liked how it made me feel?and because I liked what it was doing to him. The sense that he ?wanted me very badly.???Why were you shocked Laura?? said Harriet gently as she momentarily took one of Laura?s hands between her two palms and enveloped it.?Because it wasn?t the usual, nice, gentle sexy feeling during making-love. It felt a bit dangerous.? Laura laughed nervously. ?But part of me liked it, although it embarrassed me.??And the other bit Laura???Oh, yes,? said Laura, as her voice squeaked. ?I felt powerful?powerful as a woman.??You mean as a woman who?s a sexual being??Laura nodded and said a tight-throated ?Yes,? because speaking was quite difficult just then due to the rising heat in her face and upper body. ?I enjoyed feeling as if he wanted me so badly, I could make him???Do anything??Laura looked at Harriet. ?Not anything. I don?t think that would be right. But I did have some naughty thoughts,? she continued in a low voice.?Mmmmm, tell me.?Laura laughed. ?Well the desire to sit down on the edge of the bed, tell him to undress, and get him to kneel down and kiss my knees before I let him do it to me.??But they were just thoughts, right???Yes, I didn?t do it. But Philip was excited. He undressed me quickly and when I was naked, he kissed me between my legs, which he?d never done before. He did it a bit like a hen, pecking at seeds on the ground. Lots of quick kisses. Then he couldn?t wait any longer. He quickly undressed, then he just put it inside me, with him on top and did it. And he was more physical and passionate than he?d ever been. It was a totally new experience for me. I liked it. I didn?t orgasm, he did?wow, did he!? said Laura as she burst out laughing again. ?But then he lay next to me and cuddled me. He gave me an orgasm which was lovely, but he seemed a bit conflicted about how passionate he?d been. And I didn?t know what to say. We just cuddled and somehow, although we were both conflicted, the passion we were cuddling with told us both it was alright. We just couldn?t talk about it though.??Wow. Well done for sharing that. Let me give you a cuddle.?The two girls embraced. Then Laura asked Harriet what she thought about the situation.?Well I don?t see anything negative there at all Laura. Give me some time and I?ll get back to you with a proper response. Okay??Fine,? said Laura, with a smile and a look that conveyed sincerity.


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