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Like a Marriage by W. R. Maxwell

A futuristic tale of female domination and male slaves.  The year is 2170 and women run everything; business, government, higher education, commerce, scientific research – everything. Men are only kept around to do the heavy lifting – literally. Men are used in labor gangs, manual construction, street cleaning, and for the lucky few, domestic service. The terms ‘personal assistant’ and ‘slave’ have become interchangeable.

For over 100 years, the human species has suffered the ravages of the ZikaVis, a virus that limits brain development in males, so that they almost never exceed an IQ greater than 80. Women still have children, occasionally, and their test tube babies are screened for various desirable features, although mostly for gender. No one wants to be burdened with a son. So, when mistakes are made and males are born, they are sent to state run boarding schools. In these schools they are taught to be human, do what they are told, and to serve womankind. At the age of 18, they are sold to whoever wants a strong back and weak mind.

This is the story of Venus Sullivan and her experiences as a slave owner.

Original includes these notes: which are not suitable for the description.

Part one – college graduation, first apartment, furniture, first job

Part two – Training in Frankfurt, unfinished construction, new year’s Eve party

Part three – wiretaps, suspended, the band, a slave’s transformation, St. Valentine’s orgy

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