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Lo, A Matron Blooming



Lo, A Matron Blooming by Nigel McParr
Lo, a Matron Blooming is a departure from Nigel McParr’s previous two Pink Flamingo novels. His latest release is a collection of seven stories that vary in time and place with a common thread of feminine dominance.
Sweetheart of Summa Chi is the story of Nyah’s induction into the Sorority Sweethearts Hall of Fame. The Sorority President and Sorority Mother stage Nyah’s induction for University students, alumnae, and Nyah’s sister and mother. The Sorority Mother’s young male assistant is part of the induction rite.
Stylings By Bizarra – The CEO of an erotic clothing firm, tests her staff’s loyalty with domination, humiliation, and bondage. Her CFO is her current subject. Seamstress Maria has dominant feelings for her girlfriend. Designer Angelina encourages her to take charge. Maria manipulates Page into the firm as a captive mannequin.
Lo, A Matron Blooming takes place in the harsh, matriarchal village of Community. Matron Victoria purchases her young employee Celia at the annual auction. A second Matron purchases her twin brother. While Victoria trains Celia into dominance, using her maids and young slave Tommy, her brother’s Matron reduces him to abject submission.
In Girlfriends, Heather works for the lecherous Mr. Wolski in his women’s store. Heather and her lover Madison subjugate Mr. Wolski; teach him not to peep when ladies try on bras and corsets.
In Harriet Sets the Rules, a divorced 40 something no-nonsense hotel housekeeper hires a young man who doesn’t realize she means to make him her boy toy.
Includes: Femdom, maternal dominance, women’s underwear, lesbian sex, spanking and whipping, slavery, bondage, strap-on anal sex.

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