Madam in Attendance II: The New Residence


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Madame In Attendance II by S. M. Ackerman

Madam was young and inexperienced when a now deceased Madam took her under her wing. With a natural ability to dominate, she ends up inheriting an elite BDSM Enterprise and a bevy of slaves. Slave Clair is a greeter in the establishment, although her ability to become a dominatrix is curtailed by the fact that she won’t touch slaves in any way. There’s Paul who helped arrange the purchase of Madam’s ex-school, and then became her slave. And Alison, personal slave and occasional slave kennel Madam – a total submissive to Madame, while a total bitch queen dominatrix to her male clients. Lastly, and importantly, is the long list of clients requiring a wide, often puzzling, but always entertaining list of services. 

This is not a brothel. Not under any circumstances do they sell sex under Madam’s Roof. Instead, Madame and her many attendants provide a service to the submissively inclined in the form of domination and punishment, only! 

“Read on you pathetic slave if you dare, you know the cost you have to pay for being allowed such a treat, so pay it, please.” 

Includes bondage, caning, whipping, gags, hoods, stocks, birches, collars & leashes, humiliation, and much more!

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