Madam in Attendance



Madam in Attendance by S.M. Ackerman

Previously published as The Diary of Miss Whippy Cane, has been updated, refreshed and many more sexually charged scenes have been added.

If you are reading this, you nosy pervert, then clearly you have invaded my room and removed this diary without my permission!

Bored with the dull life of a typist that still lives with at home, I take a class at my brother, Charlie’s, suggestion. Unbeknownst to me, taking the class and meeting the beautiful and mysterious Lesley has been a devious set up.  I make plans to meet Lesley at her grand estate, and whilst there, she introduces me to things that was previously unknown. The BDSM lifestyle. Lesley whips a young man that is bound, gagged and has a hood over his head.  I’ve never known such a feeling of power and sexual excitement! When I get home, many thoughts flood my head, and I fondle myself to an explosive orgasm, the likes of which I have never felt.

At school, a young girl by the name of Clair, sends me a note inviting me to tea. After my experience at Madam Lesley’s, I know that I have the power in me to take control of sweet, doe-eyed Clair, and make her mine. I eventually get Clair to come to my house, and find her to be perfectly willing to be subjugated under my cane.

After many cancelations of meetings with Lesley, I finally meet with her again. She hands me a folder that contains many pieces of paper. The first page strikes me as the title states:


(Understanding Voluntary Slavery)

Lesley and I confer on what it all means to me, and she makes a proposal. She wants me to help run her business and become a Madam in her brothel of pain and kinkiness. What could I possibly say, other than a resounding yes?

Includes: Bondage, caning, whipping, gags, hoods, stocks, birches, kennels, collars & leashes, humiliation, and much more!

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