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Marriages by Lee Dorsey

Matt Matthews is the number one DJ in Harrisburg, PA. In the relationship department, he’s quite a catch. There’s always a hot female in his life and in his bed, but in 25 years, it’s just one relationship after another, including several failed marriages. That is, until he meets the smart, sexy, beautiful Dianne. She’s exactly what he’s looking for, and he wonders if she’s ‘the one’? There’s a whirlwind romance that leaves him breathless. But just as love is going his way, Dianne is arrested. Seems the ‘Hedge Fund’ she managed turned into a Ponzi Scheme. She takes a plea and goes to jail for five years, during which she and Matt are allowed conjugal visits. However, unbeknownst to him, Dianne is released three weeks before her scheduled date, and immediately leaves the country. Will he ever see her again? While Matt’s search for love continues, and he even marriage one more time, the memory of Dianne remains strong. When his latest wife dies unexpectedly, and he’s on his own again, he decides it’s time to search for the elusive Dianne. The question is: will he find her. Hot romance with straight, oral and some anal sex.

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My name is Matt Matthews. This is my story. In 2005, I was the number one disc jockey in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was twenty-eight years old, and I was on a fast track professionally. I made a good salary, I had great digs, and life was perfect. Furthermore, I never had any trouble getting women. Everyone told me that I was better looking than the average guy with a great personality. I suppose that explained my success in the broadcasting industry.

Currently, I was seeing several attractive women. Women would call me while I was on the air. All the women that I was seeing had their little sexual specialties.

There was Donna. Donna was brunette and extremely well built. Donna loved going down on me. I would no sooner show up at her house, and she would begin undoing my trousers and kneeling in front of me. The intensity of the orgasms I would experience with Donna’s oral manipulations was incredible. Although some of the other women would perform fellatio on me too, none of them were in the same league as Donna.

Then there was Carole. Carole was a beautiful redhead. She introduced me to anal sex. After we had sex one evening, she looked me in the eye, and said, “The next time we have sex, I want you to do me anally.” Every time we had sex after that, Carole would insist that it be anal. Although several of my other women engaged in anal sex, none of them seemed to enjoy it as much as Carole.

Another beauty name Kathy was of Polish extraction. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and was a great lover. Kathy would do everything in the Kama Sutra.

I usually would divide my time among these and several other women. At that time, my philosophy was “variety is the spice of life.”

Then one day, I made a big mistake!

A couple of weeks after the accident, I placed a call to Debra. I asked her to have dinner with me. It was under the guise of discussing the terms of her paying me for my car. Of course, that was just a pretext so I could get to know her better. For some reason, I couldn’t get her image out of my mind.

After that first dinner, I moved Debra to the top of my dating list. I began to see her regularly. Now, as everyone who is reading this knows that may be equated to stepping into relationship quicksand. I was sinking fast. My initial sole purpose was to add Debra to my stable of women. I wanted to discover her sexual specialty.

Over the years, I had developed a technique for getting women in bed. So, one evening, right after a night of wining and dining with her, I took her back to my apartment. After she had several glasses of wine, she became mildly intoxicated. I managed to move her to the bedroom and deposited her on my bed. This is it, I thought. I’m going to score. Boy was I wrong! I managed to get her panties down. I passionately began to kiss her thighs. And then I moved to her vagina. She was showing signs that she liked what I was doing. I concentrated on her clitoris. She had an enormous orgasm. I moved upon her, but she closed her legs. She refused to allow me entrance. My first thought was she is likes what I was doing previously. So, I moved back down on her. She was experiencing enormous pleasure. Her legs were open wide. Her clitoris was swollen from my massaging it with my hand. My tongue titillated her vaginal folds. I felt confident; it was just going to be a matter of time before she allowed my manhood to find its mark. But, again, when I moved up to mount her, she denied me entrance. Through my frustration, I finally broke down and asked her, “Is there something wrong?”

“No, everything that you were doing is great! I just want to save that other part of our sexual experience until later. I want it to be at a time when we have more of a commitment,” she said in a defiant tone.

Then she pulled up her panties, rolled out of bed, and went into the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came out and requested that I take her home.

It goes without saying; I was more frustrated than I had ever been. She was the most difficult challenge I had ever experienced in all of my twenty-eight years. She would let me go so far, but she refused to give me satisfaction. I was also mildly angry. I picked her up and drove her home. What I didn’t know at the time, she was playing a game for higher stakes.



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