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Mary, Mary – ebook


Mary, Mary by S.M. Ackerman

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your sex life go?
With silver bells all attached to chains
And pretty girlies all in a row row row, and
Pretty girlies all in a row.
Be. discerning. say’s. Mary.
Enjoy this my true Fairy Tale.

Mary is lured by fantastical circumstances and Jack Horner into a complex and confusing world of fairy tales. A place where the whip and chains rule. Where women suffer lascivious torments created by their masters, characters made up from widely known fairy tales

The settings might be vaguely familiar, as might some of the characters, but the events that unfold will not be anything remotely close to anything you remember the innocent stories from your childhood. This is an adult story for the discerning bdsm enthusiast, set in a world so different that life and sanity may well be threatened by its very existence.

From the author of The College: Receiving An Education, Madam in Attendance and A New Life brings us a fairy tale to stir our senses. Drastically different than anything you’ve read before, especially concerning stories of old, the reader is in for a rare treat from S.M. Ackerman.

Includes: Bondage, submission, domination, discipline, chains, whipping.

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A boy named Jack waited for her, a pie held in one hand, his other outstretched to lead her. She clasped his hand and together with Jack leading, Mary left the world she knew behind. The doorway was no door, just a place between two trees; the boy was no boy, just a guide that disappeared as soon as she stepped between those trees. The world she entered was different, confusing, and challenging for a young woman with little life experience, and some quite refined and self-centred expectations.

“Girlie, girlie!” a deep voice shouted.

Mary seemed to wake, her eyes popped open as she heard the voice, she turned and it was too late, the net had landed over her, its weights flipping around her ankles pinning her to the ground trapping her, caught like a fish out of water.

“Got you, slut, how dare you walk around like a person, how dare you dress in clothes when your type should be naked, and most importantly; how dare you not be wearing your master’s collar, Girlie.” It stressed.

Mary looked up as she struggled to free herself, but the net only tightened. The voice emanated from a tall male who stood near the path edge looking down at her. Mary froze in fright at the terrible sight that beheld her. He was thirty-ish, she thought, six feet tall, muscular and with a deep voice, which had boomed at her. The head atop of his shoulders was covered with wild, curly, matted hair, whilst his eyes sparkled as they watched her struggles.

He had a beard, which only covered the very tip of his chin and came to a twisted point. His chest was hairless to the waist though still broad, muscular, and very male in appearance, but without a single hair covering it. The sun had burnt his skin to a deep brown, which looked quite nice on him, but it was from the waist down that Mary gasped at what she saw. He had powerful legs covered in leather chaps leading down to the biggest feet she had ever seen, size twenty at least she thought. He was not just man but a creature of the elements around her, to Mary’s shock, he had a long thick and throbbing cock poking out at his groin. His hands were normal but the whip he held dangling at his side looked fearsome. He pointed it at her and said. “Strip, girlie!”

Mary hesitated unable to move, both frozen by fear and bound by the net. He flicked his left hand outward, the whip extended, and the net fell away at its touch. He repeated, “Strip, Girlie,” adding, “now!”

With the whip in plain sight and therefore little other option Mary removed her jeans, slipping them to her ankles, then kicking them off, once she had removed her trainers previously. He watched as her clothing vanished, her top came off next, revealing a white slightly faded bra, which contained perfectly her thirty two (B) breasts. With hesitant fingers driven onwards by the flicking tails of the whip, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell away only to be replaced by her hands as her humiliation at being naked before him bloomed.

The whip cracked next to her, it wasn’t loud, but it sparked a reaction. Her panties followed her jeans and soon she was sitting with her knees drawn tight up to her chest, naked and before a huge male that should not exist outside of a fairy tale. A man of the world that was holding a terrifying whip in its hands, whilst sporting the biggest erection she had ever seen. Not that she had seen more than two previously, and only one of them had been fully erect; so comparison wise she had very little to compare his with. Though what she now looked at seemed to her to be far above the normal in size for a man, but then he wasn’t a man in the sense she thought of as commonly male.

“Stand, girlie!”

Mary stood, though she did not know what to cover first with her hands, finally she decided to cover her breasts, as between her legs she had a thick covering of pubic hair hiding her sex. His cock bobbed in pleasure at the demure sight of her she noticed, whilst also feeling quite fascinated and pleased by his apparent interest in her. Deep inside she felt a dam break, it shattered and tumbled as her arousal grew, forcing Mary to acknowledge that the cock before her was having a very unexpected effect on her libido. The whip moved indicating that she walk, the male turned and pointed towards a tree, Mary realised what it meant and what her compliance would mean. She walked slowly feeling her desire growing; her mind became foggy as her desire took control over her actions. She reached the fallen tree, leant forward over its coarse bark surface, and without instruction parted her legs wide, wrapping her arms tightly around the bark in preparation.

The cool breeze tickled at her sex, feeling like fingers being lightly trailed over her most sensitive parts, ‘it’, her sex reacted to the gentle touch, damp sticky then flooding sex juices spewed from within her cavity, even as the male approached her bent, waiting, desperately, compliant body. Mary found that try as she might she could not move, her desire to feel that cock ravage her, controlled her feet. She leant further forward; the trees rough bark rubbing her very erect nipples. The cock touched her bottom trailing lightly down her dividing crease, and then without preamble it entered her desperate gaping sex. She came as it parted her sex lips in an explosion of desperate lust, even as her euphoria filled her, the cock reamed her deep with its first thrust, entering, parting, and forcing its full length deep into her sex. Her ravishment had begun and continued for far longer than she had ever expected, and with multiple orgasms fitted between deep harsh thrusts. She felt as though her world had stepped out of her control and into a strange form of pleasurable insanity.

He finally came, his semen flooded deep into her body, the pressure within her increased as he pumped and pumped deep long threads of his jizm into her greedy accepting love slot. Her vagina stretched further, it filled up until finally it could contain no more. It, his stuff spurted backwards and out of her sex, she felt his ejaculate spraying out of her slot, parting her lips and splattering down his legs, as he leant his whole body weight onto her back crushing the air from her lungs. He reared up with a final scream venting his pleasure to the heavens and when it was over, his wilting cock deflating, he withdrew.

Mary found she could breath once again as he stood up behind her. The male moved back picking up something, Mary was still too far gone in her euphoria to care what, until the three tails of his whip lashed hard against her naked bent buttocks. She screamed at the first kiss of leather, tried to rise but could not, the second stroke exploded followed by a third, her sex responded to her pain as arousal bloomed again. Her hand shot between her parted thighs, she rubbed furiously against her swollen clit, forced her fingers into her sex, and rode her wild side on. The whip continued to thrash her body as her passage responded, taking her again to nirvana as she came, flooding juice over her fingers: sticky satisfying juice, which filled her mind and changed her agony into pure pleasure. She screamed both in agony and ecstasy as she came yet again but all in perfect time to his whip strokes.

He grunted at her, words that finally she understood.

“Girlies do not wear clothes and do not disobey their betters!” The whip landed again, Mary felt the pain of the strokes, but she also felt a deep feeling of peace and rightness at his treatment of her. Deep inside she changed, her life expectations changed; her desires changed, her willingness to comply changed, and the whip carried on thrashing her flesh as he spoke; but now Mary did not care, she just accepted. Girlies get used, berated, and are expected to obey their masters she realised, and she was now a Girlie.

Mary had arrived in the land of fairy tales and had begun to realise that not everything she might have expected to be, was; but what there was would be interesting, enlightening, and damn right scary at times, but oh so nice at other’s for her. She had become an earthling girlie, held under the rule of a series of children’s fairy tales all regaled within the book she had been reading whilst locked in her despondency.


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