Mary, Mary



Mary, Mary by S.M. Ackerman
Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your sex life go?
With silver bells all attached to chains
And pretty girlies all in a row row row, and
Pretty girlies all in a row.
Be. discerning. say’s. Mary.
Enjoy this my true Fairy Tale.
Mary is lured by fantastical circumstances and Jack Horner into a complex and confusing world of fairy tales. A place where the whip and chains rule. Where women suffer lascivious torments created by their masters, characters made up from widely known fairy tales
The settings might be vaguely familiar, as might some of the characters, but the events that unfold will not be anything remotely close to anything you remember the innocent stories from your childhood. This is an adult story for the discerning bdsm enthusiast, set in a world so different that life and sanity may well be threatened by its very existence.
From the author of The College: Receiving An Education, Madam in Attendance and A New Life brings us a fairy tale to stir our senses. Drastically different than anything you’ve read before, especially concerning stories of old, the reader is in for a rare treat from S.M. Ackerman.
Includes: Bondage, submission, domination, discipline, chains, whipping.

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