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Masters of the Club by Lizbeth Dusseau

When Gillian discovers Kate McPherson’s diary, detailing the stunning secrets of an exclusive sex club, it sparks her own sexual desires, and she’s determined to become the club’s newest member. Though unsure of this high-powered attorney’s true motives, Mike Bellamy – one of the club’s most accomplished dominants – takes on her training, putting Gillian through a rigorous initiation to determine her true sexual desires and ensure her obedience. Meanwhile, Kate finds herself undergoing a grueling probation for having allowed the club’s secrets to fall into the hands of an outsider.

Lizbeth’s Club was first introduced in her Masquerade novel, Member Of The Club. Now she takes this stunning society of sexual pleasure into the extremes of dominance and submission including scenes with vivid exhibitionism, semi-public sex, piercing, spanking, bondage, discipline and anal sex.

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Revised Edition 2013

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