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Ménage à Troll



Ménage a Troll by M. J. Rennie

A madcap mash up of mythology, sci-fi, and the paranormal that accomplishes what every comic saga ought to: It makes you laugh.

Meet Darwin Grendel, a Troll who is really a vampire in reverse. Startlingly well endowed, Darwin is handsome as a movie star, and can supply a magic substance women discover makes them healthier, sexier, more radiant, and—even ACTUALLY YOUNGER! A financial failure, Darwin stumbles across a group of exuberant Feminine dominants, led by the lifestyle Dominatrix Vivian Loberg, who quickly discovers Darwin’s amazing abilities, incredible good looks, and submissive nature. She immediately proceeds to monetize him.

Readers with a hankering for non-stop multi-partner sex action will find in Ménage a Troll every thrill they ever looked for in novel of classic Femdom, where a boy must learn to serve, even if he’s not a boy, but a Troll from another world!

Strap on your strap on for wild, wicked ride!

Included in the graphic content you’ll find dominance /submission, spanking, bondage, a male chastity device, pussy eating and anal penetration.


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Vivian stood behind me, cupping my balls in her hands, urging me on with sexy whispered encouragement.

“Do Miss Julie, Darwin dear. Do her good,” Vivian said, leaning in, her tone half demand, half murmur. “Work that cock of yours inside her tight little pussy, and don’t be shy about filling her with juice. She’s a woman who knows how to get results and on account of that deserves a great big dose of your special goo.”

“Yes, Vivian.”

Eyes closed, Miss Julie tossed her head from side to side as I rammed it in her with wild abandon. Miss Julie was also naked, having taken off her gray suit, jacket, and lingerie. Despite the mannish look of her outer attire, underneath Miss Julie was all woman!

Her succulent interior took my cock like butter takes a hot knife. Eeeahh. Oooh. Sizzle. Enlaced, our bodies joined like plug and socket, like pestle and pot, like pipe and plunger, like plum and pudding. This all happened while a completely dressed Vivian hovered near, and in her refined way, participated.

“All right, Darwin dear. I think it’s time you let yourself go kablooie in Miss Julie. I want you to spill your cum in her body now.” As Vivian spoke, she gave my testicles an encouraging squeeze.

That was the signal for my ejaculation.

I felt my eyeballs screw backwards into my head as an electric ecstasy enveloped my nervous system. An instant later, my highly coveted seminal sap burst forth, my juice sprinkled throughout with those amazing, youth-restoring “Tidybots.”

I emptied spurt after spurt into the splendid confines of Miss Julie’s silken hollow.

“Oh! Oh! I can feel it splashing inside me!” Miss Julie cried. “Oh! Oh! The feeling’s wonderful!”



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