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Mercenaries of Panama, Book Two: Shada – ebook


Mercenaries of Panama, Book Two: Shada by Lee Dorsey

Erotic Thriller. Shada’s life takes an unusual path, as a woman educated at Johns Hopkins Medical School, and eventually trained by Al Qaida to be an assassin. She successfully conducts missions in the Middle East ‘neutralizing the enemy’ until she’s captured by ‘The Company.’ She may well have been neutralized herself, if the mercenary Frank (from Dorsey’s novel, Mercenaries I) hadn’t saved her life. He returns her to a compound in Panama where her experience taking out the enemy makes her a candidate for hire. Following twelve weeks of training, she spends several years as an assassin, and becomes a valued asset. However, apart from her unique profession, Shada’s personal life is quite spicy. By her own admission, she’s oversexed, hedonistic and satisfies that craving at every turn.

When, in time, she wants to retire, Shada plans her escape from the mercenary life, with an elaborate scheme to neutralize the Egyptian slave trader, who held her captive and used her as his sex slave. She’s vowed to neutralize him once the opportunity arises. When the time comes, she executes her ‘foolproof’ scheme with ease, except for one critical error. The slave trader’s daughter Nefertiabet is convinced that her father was murdered by the woman he once abused. When Shada learns that her enemy’s daughter wasn’t fooled by her staged death, she’s determined to neutralize Nefertiabet in a mission that will be her last!

This sexy erotica thriller includes D/s sex, oral, anal, femfem, threesomes, sexual slavery and abuse, coercion, drugs, interrogations and revenge.

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When we arrived at the Compound it was mid-morning. The Ranger and I went directly to the General’s office. I gave a verbal report. The Ranger produced photos of the dead drug dealer. The Ranger’s photos, along with a written report, were sent to the client. The General congratulated the Ranger and me. He gave us the rest of the week, as well as the following week, off. I decided to go to Panama City for a respite.

At the hotel, while I was checking in, I saw Frank Parkman sitting in the lounge. He waved at me as I was crossing to the elevator. I returned the wave. After I was situated in my suite of rooms, I decided to go back downstairs and have a drink with Frank.

As I walked into the lounge, he motioned me over. I sat down. We had some drinks and made some small talk.

“How long are you going to be in the city?” he inquired.

“I intended to be here until the end of next weekend,” was my reply.

“Would like to spend some of my time with me?” he asked.

That sounded like a plan. I was fond of Frank. He saved me from being sold into slavery. I would always be indebted to him. He was also a very patient and good flight instructor. I decided to go one step further with Frank. I inquired if he had a room at the hotel. He informed me that he didn’t. He told me that he had a boat. He said that he would like me to spend some time on it with him.

“Let’s spend the night here at the hotel. Tomorrow, we can spend the rest of the time on your boat,” I suggested.

Frank agreed.

We proceeded to my room and took a shower. That was the first time that Frank and I spent intimate time together. His touch on me in the shower was very sensual. After we got dressed, I requested Frank to show me around the city. I was especially interested in seeing the Canal. We left the hotel and Frank acted as a tour guide. He pointed out several historical sites. Finally, we arrived at the Canal. I found the whole operation fascinating. I had many questions about the operation of the Canal. Frank had all the answers. After a wonderful afternoon, we made our way to a trendy restaurant that Frank recommended. He told me that he had recently lost his wife to an auto accident. This restaurant, he said, had many wonderful memories of happier times. He confessed to me that he was considering retirement. There is not a lot of sentiment in my heart, but I truly felt his pain. I, too, had lost a loved one. I experienced firsthand how deep a loss can be.

After a delightful dinner, we walked back to the hotel. Frank is a passionate person. I detected that while we were taking a shower together. I knew that he expected to have sex with me that evening. I wasn’t going to disappoint him. When we reached the room, I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I left Frank as he was getting undressed. I stripped down and got ready for bed. When I came out of the bathroom, Frank was already in bed waiting for me. I got into the bed and under the covers. In anticipation of me, Frank was already erect. I reached over and took his manhood in my hand. He let out a slight almost inaudible sound of pleasure. He put his hand between my legs. He began to manipulate my vagina. Immediately, I began to produce a lubricant. Frank sensed that I was ready for penetration. He slowly and lovingly entered me. We were both very tired from the day’s activities. Within minutes, he climaxed. I faked an orgasm for Frank. I learned over the years that men like to believe they satisfy women sexually during intercourse. After Frank was finished, we stayed in that position for several minutes. Then Frank removed himself, turned over, and promptly fell asleep.




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