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Michaelene’s Will o’ the Whip



Michaelene’s Will o’ the Whip by M. J. Rennie

Michaelene is a young, beautiful, and dominant blond, currently married to Todd, who is submissive, brilliant, and wealthy. Todd meekly accepts Michaelene’s Loving Female Authority in their marriage, along with Male Chastity, her demanding sexuality, her absolute insistence on obedience, and her stern, regularly applied discipline.

When Todd’s career as a marine biologist requires the couple to relocate to a sleepy beach town, Michaelene takes a job in a local government office.

There she meets Patrick Accuardi, a divorced man who appears even more submissive than Todd, but is more virile, attractive, engaging, and—most important—much more to Michaelene’s liking. However, Patrick is at present sexually involved with Myrtle—a buxom, submissive older woman who adores him.

As their relationship deepens, Michaelene resolves to separate Patrick from Myrtle, discard Todd, and proceed to transform her new romantic interest into—as she insists—a submissive, lifelong husband-slave. The path of true love, however, no matter what form it takes, never runs smooth, as Michaelene soon discovers.

Michaelene’s Will o’ the Whip is an intended homage to the classic illustrated French spanking/BDSM novels of the early 20th century—a remarkable literary and art movement that flourished until World War II swept it away. Like those vintage novels, Michaelene’s Will o’ the Whip includes ten black and white illustrations, one highlighting each book chapter.

Femdom virtuoso M. J. Rennie’s elegant prose and the striking illustrations by erotic artist extraordinaire Rebecca combine to provide aficionados of the genre everything they enjoy in a richly rewarding, pleasingly prurient package.

Keywords: Femdom, romance, whipping, illustrations, consensual, dominance, submission, Male Chastity

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