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Miss Bridget’s Girls by Robin Bond

Lesbian Femdom. In the third volume of the St Swithin’s college series, Bridget is now in charge. She’s a forceful and inspiring girl who rules strictly over her selected group of students. The girls have volunteered to service the sexual needs of wealthy local women, who  pay a large fee to indulge themselves with Bridget’s pretty and well-trained girls.

At the beginning of the academic year, Bridget and her assistant Flora are busy recruiting fresh girls for the Circle. They specialise in providing girls willingly to engage in various BDSM practices. They must be schooled in submitting to corporal punishment, bondage, clamping and other restraints, as well as humiliation and various forms of intercourse.

However, this year Bridget is faced with an additional task. The head of the college, the unpleasant Dr Lowman, disapproves of Bridget’s enterprise. At first, Bridget attempts to win him over by providing him with a mistress, one of the college staff whom Bridget has turned into her personal slave. But when she discovers that Lowman intends to vilely debauch an innocent student, she realises that further measures are required to deter him. With that in mind, Bridget and Flora hatch a plan to solve the problem of Dr Lowman once and for all!

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