Miss Monica’s Pets



Miss Monica’s Pets By Paula Andante

The Adventures of a Dominant Madam… and Her Men. “Most of my clients just want a young stud, but a select few are looking for a man who will submit…you’ve begun to doubt that there really are sexually dominant women… Well, I can assure you that such women do exist. They tend to be older, self-centered bitches. Many want revenge for the way their husbands and lovers have treated them…others simply want sex for their own enjoyment. They’ve been with men who had no regard for what they wanted in bed and now they want to use men the way they feel they’ve been used…”  A dominant madam and the men she supplies to satisfy the lusts of wealthy women with a desire for control and vengeance over the opposite sex is the subject of this tale of female authority and the men who succumb to it. Sometimes permanently! F/m BDSM, punishment, bondage, pain, humiliation, strap-on anal, analingus and cunnilingus.

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