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Mistress Rain by Victoria West

Naked, hooded and suspended from the ceiling of my dungeon by his wrists and ankles, Agent Whitmore was helpless as he dangled face up, three feet above the floor. It was entertaining to see him squirm against the rough black leather cuffs above the cold, damp grey concrete floor, like an insect trapped in my web struggling to get free. To me, he was just a bug who’s wings I was about to pluck from its body as I lay in wait in the shadows. Every crevice, every orifice of his body utterly vulnerable to my attack. There was no escape.”

As far back as Barbara Taylor could remember, she enjoyed being the center of attention. Throughout her life she enjoyed manipulating friends, family and romantic partners to get what she wanted. Later in life she learns to manipulate men with sexual seduction. Follow Barbara on her journey to becoming a dominatrix where her power over men leads her to great wealth and romance. Includes: whips, dominatrix, female domination, bdsm, bondage, humiliation, leather fetish, fetish, male submission, chains, face slapping and so much more!

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