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Mistress X & The Game by Angel Ray

Kamara who goes by Kami is twenty-two-years-old, though sometimes people think she looks younger, which she uses to her advantage. Kami travels from place to place in search of her next thrill, and ends up in the mysterious town of Strap, rumored to be a haven for S & M aficionados. One night, venturing into an unnamed building, she finds? room after room with various dominatrixes and their clients.

One dominatrix in particular intrigues her. Much to her surprise, the domme allows her to join in ?disciplining? an older gentleman. She later introduces herself as Mistress X, and takes Kami under her wing, teaching her new ways to seduce both men and women. Soon the pair moves onto the neighboring town of Slunt, which has a far more ?conservative? reputation than Strap.

And yet, the two soon discover that the townspeople of Slunt harbor dark secrets and even darker passions, which they intend to take full advantage of.

Their ?Game? is this: Kami plays the part of the precocious daughter and Mistress X plays the part of the doting, somewhat domineering mother. Among their exploits, the two seduce a peeping tom named David, as well as his future stepmother. Later they set-up Tina as a babysitter for Kami, who soon realizes that Kami is no child and needs no babysitting! Mistress X and her prot?g? continue to ?service? other couples in Slunt. As they continue their naughty sex games, they come to realize that their relationship goes much deeper than just a mere mistress/prot?g?e?

Includes: Female domination, male and female submission, anal penetration, dildos, CBT, role-playing and much more!

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One dominatrix in particular caught Kami?s attention the most. Her name, Kami would find out later, was Mistress X. She stood an impressive six feet tall with a slender, slightly muscular build. Her hair was a fiery red with blond streaks going down the middle. She possessed these large natural breasts that were swelling and heaving inside the black leather corset she was wearing and looked a bit older than many of the other Dommes she?d seen there at the party. Kami could tell that this Mistress X really knew how to dominate the older gentleman she was with?who was hanging by his wrists before her from chains that were connected to the ceiling wearing nothing but a black leather hood. Kami stood there enthralled watching Mistress X disciplining her slave as she scratched her long pointy nails over his wrinkly balls and thrashed his pale flabby ass with a long black leather horsewhip.Mistress X all of a sudden stopped what she was doing and turned her head to glare at Kami. Then, without saying a word to her, Mistress X handed her the whip; and, with some minor reluctance on her part, Kami sauntered over and took it. Kami gazed up at the towering dominatrix who was gazing back down at her with her hands on her hips not expecting much from the young woman. She then gazed up at the older gentleman who was likewise gazing down at her through the eye slits in his black leather hood. With a sadistic grin that made her look like a little girl who was getting ready to do something terribly naughty, Kami took the sturdy handle of the horsewhip and aimed the handle?s end directly at the cleft of the older gentleman?s sagging ass. She pressed the handle of the whip in between the cleft of his drooping buttocks and put it right on his asshole. The man threw his head back and groaned in pain as Kami started pushing the hardened handle into his rectum. Mistress X was surprised?and impressed?as she watched Kami push the handle of her whip in and out of her older slave?s ass, making him rock-hard in the process as the base of the handle rammed repeatedly on his aged prostate. His moans grew louder as she picked up the pace of her thrusting, his fully-erect penis jutting forward looking like it would explode at any moment. Then, suddenly, he let out a long-drawn-out wail as semen gushed from his flushed cockhead and splattered on both the wall and the floor in front of him while Kami continued to ram the handle of Mistress X?s horsewhip in and out of his ass until he was totally spent. His wails subsided, as did his cock, after she pulled the handle of the whip out of his asshole. With a look of triumph on her face, Kami handed the whip back to Mistress X. She laid the whip on top of the small table sitting in the corner of the small room they were in and then she turned her attention back to Kami.?Come with me,? she said rather brusquely to Kami.Kami followed the older dominatrix out the backdoor of the building, leaving her slave hanging from the ceiling. Mistress X leaned against the building?s wall without looking at Kami and crossed her arms over her bodice while Kami stood beside her staring up at the mistress?waiting for what she was going to say to her next.?What?s your name?? Mistress X said, finally looking down at the young woman standing before her,Kami paused as if she wasn?t sure whether or not she wanted to tell this woman she?d just met anything personal about her.?My real name is Kamara,? she finally told her, ?but I go by Kami.??And what?s your name, if you don?t mind my asking???You may call me Mistress X.?There was a moment of silence between the two women then she made the young woman a deal she ultimately couldn?t refuse: ?Okay, here?s the deal: I?ll let you train with me and I?ll teach you everything I know, but you have to do whatever and whoever I say. When we?re not working together, you can do whatever?and whoever?you choose, but I reserve the right to join in if I wish. I?ll pay for everything, so you won?t have to worry about making any money yourself. Do those terms sound acceptable to you??Kami eyed her curiously. ?What makes you think I?d want to join up with you???Why else would you be out here talking to me?? She shrugged. ?Besides, you handled that old man pretty well in there. I think we can make a pretty good team.? She shrugged again. ?And besides, you strike me as the type of gal who needs a lot of, shall we say, stimulation in her life. Am I right??Mistress X was right. Kami did like to be where the action was, and she hadn?t had some decent action in a long while. Too long, as far as she was concerned. And this Mistress X might very well provide her the type of action she craved, at least for the time being.?Okay,? Kami said, nodding her smallish head, ?you got yourself a deal.?Mistress X and Kami shook hands as they smiled at each other and then both women shared in a hearty laugh.?Okay, Kami,? Mistress X said, nodding her head. ?Be here tomorrow at the same time and we?ll get started. Sound good???Yeah,? Kami replied, eagerly nodding her head.?Okay, then.? Mistress X stood up straight. ?I?ll see you tomorrow.?


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