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Ms. Hasekura by Spencer Haskell

Charlies Fraser, a soon to be divorced husband with heavy gambling debts and an eye for the ladies, is offered a lifeline by his much detested Japanese neighbour, Ms Hasekura. A very necessary lifeline he’ll need before he is made homeless by his dire circumstances. Unfortunately, this will prove to be more of a life-sentence as he’s required to take on the role of Ms. Hasekura’s domestic chattel and sexual servant. “In the light of what I know of your weak character,” she told him, giving the head of his cock a spiteful twist between her slender fingers, sharp nails painted the deepest crimson that the colour of blood might emphasise her cruelty, “I do not anticipate it to be long before you are totally abject and pliable in the way I require you to be. On the other hand, should you prove more durable of spirit and will than I expect, it will be no hardship for me to simply leave you hanging here as you are and repeat the procedure until you are what I require.” Femdom BDSM, interracial, bondage, punishment, humiliation, cock-cage, sexual service.

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