My Passage to Womanhood, Volume 1 – ebook


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My Passage to Womanhood Vol. 1 by Clare Penne

This autobiographical novel graphically details the rites of passage of a man, from being a teenager through to becoming the early-middle-aged female Clare, a journey that takes place under the influence of primarily dominant women. “I admit that I do enjoy the thrill of being outside a client’s hotel bedroom door or on a house front-door step, awaiting the door to open and seeing who has paid very good money for my services and use of my body for whatever fetish they may be into. … However, the concept of sexual escorting for cash, the time with the client being what is paid for, and my love and submission to Elaine, I still need to mentally separate. She is still “encouraging” me in her usual ways to accept this as…I get to learn even more about fetish and submission, and ultimately pleasing her and other women.” Exploring the many facets of the femme domme world while telling the story of a submissive male seeking to satisfy a growing need to be a woman. Exotic LGBT and female-led fiction for connoisseurs of the authoritative woman.

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