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My Passage to Womanhood Vol. 1 by Clare Penne

This autobiographical novel graphically details the rites of passage of a man, from being a teenager through to becoming the early-middle-aged female Clare, a journey that takes place under the influence of primarily dominant women. “I admit that I do enjoy the thrill of being outside a client’s hotel bedroom door or on a house front-door step, awaiting the door to open and seeing who has paid very good money for my services and use of my body for whatever fetish they may be into. … However, the concept of sexual escorting for cash, the time with the client being what is paid for, and my love and submission to Elaine, I still need to mentally separate. She is still “encouraging” me in her usual ways to accept this as…I get to learn even more about fetish and submission, and ultimately pleasing her and other women.” Exploring the many facets of the femme domme world while telling the story of a submissive male seeking to satisfy a growing need to be a woman. Exotic LGBT and female-led fiction for connoisseurs of the authoritative woman.

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How do I describe her?

Well to begin, Hannah was nearly the same height as myself at the time, perhaps an inch lower but, with her shoes on, we were just about the same. She had dark brown hair which was fairly short, brown eyes, not a huge breast size (a 36B) with dark pert nipples, and was fairly full in the bottom.

She wore a size 8 to 10 UK dress size, so she was not fat but, on the other hand, wasn’t a slender bean-pole. She was quite pretty looking with a subtle, serene look and she loved to dress nicely. She was very smart and much better read than me, not surprising her advancement over me in education; however, we did share interests in the arts as she also liked the art gallery scene and I loved to paint.

She had left school and gone up to London University at a relatively young age of seventeen to read History and Philosophy.

She was now nineteen and in her third year of four as she wished to add a Masters, living in the Primrose Hill area of London, just to the north of Regent’s Park.

Her father was involved in senior diplomatic activities and her family were spread around the globe. As such, he was out to set his children up early on in life, having faced various challenges when he was young.

Hannah was the youngest of the family with two elder brothers and a sister and he had bought her a nice apartment for her to give her independence at University and an asset to start her off on the housing chain.

We dated for the next two evenings, talked our heads off, held hands, walked the local cliffs, kissed passionately, everything any young couple would do – and then, finally, ended up in her bed at her behest, where she took my male-to-female virginity. I can remember entering her tight, moist pussy for the first time and sensing the intensity of the orgasm that shook her body.

The rest of the trip we were like rabbits in love; daytimes spent in each other’s company exploring local galleries, exhibitions and antique shops; evenings eating out in pubs and small restaurants, going for long romantic walks and kissing.

Hannah was a wonderful teacher and quickly I learnt how to properly massage her, oral her, how to focus on her whole mound, suck her clit and roll my tongue over it, how to gently take her labial lips and enjoy them. And then how to properly use my mouth on her pussy entrance, her perineum, her anal rosebud, and where all her erotic points were and, hence, all of this so as to bring the best out of her to maximise her orgasm.

When we started on the next stage, I can not precisely remember.

After our initial “holiday” time in the South-West, I went back to work and my next trip to visit Hannah in Primrose Hill was the following weekend; it was only three hours by train and taxi between us.

She had a lovely 2nd floor south facing apartment with views over the Park. It was light and airy, nicely appointed and furnished for a student place. It came with two bedrooms but Hannah preferred to live by herself, having set up the second bedroom as a study-cum-guest room.

It was I think on my third visit that things really began.

We had been out in the afternoon doing some shopping and sightseeing in and around Camden Market. We were due to head out again that evening to meet her mother and a brother for dinner, down near the Tate Gallery in Chelsea.

Getting back to the apartment, we had a little session of kissing and then a quick love- making session before we showered together and started to dress.

It was then that Hannah asked me if I would wear her panties “for some fun” later that evening and to provide me with a continual reminder of her pussy up against me while we were out.

She tossed me the panties that she had been wearing that afternoon, a blue bikini and still damp from being up against her pussy.

I slid myself into them and the feeling was, once again being back in women’s’ panties, sensational as her soft material wrapped itself around me. Hannah smiled and ran her hand over my crotch and my bottom; I was nearly ready to take her again but we were due out and it was a family “event.”

Dinner was fun and all the time I was a little on edge, not from meeting Hannah’s mother as, of course, it wasn’t the first time in my life that I had met her, but rather knowing that I was in her daughter’s underwear and that her daughter was callously teasing me for later.

We eventually “escaped” and returned to Hannah’s place. Inside the door we passionately embraced and kissed, our tongues interlocking in a deep French kiss. Hannah asked me,

“Did you enjoy wearing my panties? Did you enjoy the thought of my pussy being next to you?”

I had to admit that I had been nicely ‘tortured’ by the thought of her against her and that I had been erect for a lot of the dinner, my cock up against the soft front panel of the panties. And how I could sense her damp pussy against my undersides, especially when we travelled over to the restaurant.

“Well let’s have another look at them, then.”

Hannah’s hands undid my belt and she lowered my trousers. Her hands went to feel me, around my bottom and then over my crotch, cupping my balls and touching my now-hard penis through the soft fabric.

“What a nice sight this is, and what do we have here?”

She released me a little from the tightness of her panties and, promptly, took me in her mouth. Her tongue rolled over me teasing my head. She felt so good as she took me deeper into her mouth, bringing me to a full-on hardness.

I wanted to cum into her, to have her swallow me but she pulled back and pulled my panties up.

“Come on, my panties-lover, I want you in bed. In fact, I think I should have you always in panties as you look so good in them.”

We went through to her bedroom and back onto the bed, still ruffled from our earlier activities.

Hannah had me take off my clothing, except for my panties, and then I had slowly to strip her except for her pink, bikini panties. I could see her small, brown nipples were already pushing themselves out to be succoured and that she was obviously wet from the tell-tale sign on her panties.

She pushed me down onto the bed and went to climb over me.

“Maybe I should let you sniff my scent directly from these. I have been pretty wet all evening too, but I think we should go further first.”

She lowered her bottom directly onto my nose, pushing my nose and mouth upwards into her gusset. Her wonderfully sharp cunt and bottom aroma invaded my nostrils and I could taste her pre-cum soaking through the shiny fabric, making it available for both our enjoyment.

She literally masturbated herself to a first orgasm on my face, using me as her personal dildo, especially letting my nose play off her swollen clitoris and down her love channel along her lips to her opening pussy entrance and then down to her other tunnel.

I was completely sold on this, my first ever queening, and my first true submission to her. As she juddered on me, she pressed down even harder and, in doing so, made me hers, her toy for oral pleasure.

Hannah abruptly rose from me but only to stand above me and provocatively remove her panties,

“I’m going to make you sleep in these; you will take in my aroma tonight so you will want even more of me, my panties-boy; you will come to worship my pussy and please me. I want you to serve me from now on, to be my orgasm machine.”

She was suggestively playing with herself, opening her gleaming labia to show me her pinkness and just how wet she was there, still glistening with her climax.

She ran her middle finger up between her lips and pushed it deep into her vagina, letting me know how ready she was to be taken. She bent over and offered me the sticky honey off her finger, rubbing it under my nose before letting me clean it.

“Ok, I now need you to pleasure me again.”

With that, Hannah lowered herself once more onto me, this time pointing down the bed, offering her anus to my nose and direct access of my tongue to please her.

I felt the full weight of her bottom on my face, the light disappearing as I entered this position of total subservience to her.

My tongue darted forward and immediately I could taste her, to take her next wave of pre-cum into my mouth, and to relish in her essence.

She moved herself forward a little to allow me to breath and then sat back again; this she repeated and repeated on me, controlling my breath, as I slowly brought her up her hill of pleasure.

She began to increase her pace of rocking as her excitement grew and her hands went forward to massage me through her panties on me, trying to tease my head out of their silken home. I could hear her moaning as she started to peak.

When she did come, it was more of a spurt into my mouth and over my chin.

She had not come like this in the short time that I had known her; she soaked me, her cum flooding my mouth, making me swallow her creamy love juice.

I was in seventh heaven now. Hannah knew what to do and slid forward on me; she pulled my panties sharply down and quickly mounted me, burying me to the hilt on her.

This sensation of being in her sopping pussy was what I needed and I just exploded into her, my own orgasm drilling deeply and numbly into my brain.


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