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Night Closes In



Night Closes In by Paul Moore

“The cop had been nice to me. I hadn’t done anything wrong. It had been entirely reasonable to expect him to keep his word and send me on my way in the morning. He had even shared his hot chocolate with me, but the evidence of his real intentions was clear. I had been drugged, stripped naked, and chained like an animal. Rape was implicit in my condition, with perhaps worse things to follow.”

Through a series of interviews with those involved, the story of a human trafficking operation in a corrupt rural county unfolds. In a secret prison deep underground, abducted women are broken with mental conditioning, drugs, and torture; then trained as sex slaves and sold to the highest bidders. The main focus of the narrative is on Nancy, who was abducted, and Timothy, who was seduced into slavery by a dominant woman. They find themselves imprisoned together on a tropical island, enslaved to a billionaire and his vicious dominatrix trainer. With scenes of male and female domination, gay and lesbian sex, mind control, bondage, whipping, spanking, anal domination, and chastity training.

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