No Whip, No Problem



No Whip, No Problem by Ralph Greco Jr. 

A story collection from erotica author, Ralph Greco; ten stories featuring take-charge ladies, from the novice player to the seasoned mistress, having their way with their willing ‘subs.’

A rousing spanking sets things straight between this couple in, After, the Coffee, then in John’s Very Last Hurdle he’s already had his cock-caged for who weeks, now she wants him to what? Suck another man’s cock! In Packing, a group of 30-something ladies out for the night sport secret strap-ons under their clothes looking for willing male recipients to take it in the ass. And What Cindy Might See turns into a whole new sexual world for her, while watching the writhing Bruce being dominated by his playful girlfriend.

It’s good clean consensual fun when a woman takes charge and plays the Dominant to men willing to submit to their naughty sex games. The woman in question doesn’t even need to wield a whip to make her intention plain.

Female domination, mind games, toy play, sweet sexual humiliations, hot spanking, and plenty of varied BDSM sexcapades ensue across this themed collection of naughty stories.


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Coming in for yet another press of his crotch to mine, I felt the man’s body register what he suddenly, and I would think, surprisingly, finally felt.

“Mrmmm,” he as much as gulped as said, halting his groping and sliding a smidgen to the side of me but keeping his lips close.

“I’m all girl baby,” I said, backing up a step, bending to reach down to my hem and pulling my dress up my thick bare thighs. With my other hand, I reached into my tight blue cotton panty front and flumped the fake cock up and over its waistband.

“Mrrrm,” my stolen-moment-man repeated looking down at me standing there, dressed hiked up, a pink dildo wagging between us.

“Some girls wear jewelry, some…” I began knowing that the moment was upon us where this man would either spin out of the room, ask me for an explanation, or maybe—hopefully— chuckle slightly and lean back to kiss me more.

What I didn’t expect, by a long shot, was Dylan shooting to his knees, wiggling up close to me, and gobbling my dick between his generous lips!

You know how these moments are? I as much watched him suck me over my shelf of heaving breasts as I viewed the scene from on high, up over ‘those’ two people, dead center from the tin ceiling over us, as the man proceeded to blow me. And although I wasn’t directly connected to the sensations, the entire picture and Dylan’s slobbering sounds did coax the first orgasm of the night from me.

Believe me, I am not a girl easily surprised.

“Ready to use that for real?” he said, popping my dildo from his mouth and standing with a shot.

The guy was as quick on his feet as he was getting to his knees.

“Whatever do you mean, young man?” I said over-emphasizing batting my eyelashes at him as Dylan gave me another quick, saliva filled kiss, then stepped to the low metal desk.

“We’re lucky, the catering manager never uses her office. Especially at a function she’s always on the floor.”

Again, I realized he knew a lot more about where we were than I did, but I didn’t care to question the guy, especially seeing as he was flipping off his jacket and unbuckling his pants. Not exactly giving me the time to give him a good once over, Dylan spin as he peeled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and spread his thin legs wide to accommodate the desk to his height.

“Why do I get the impression this is not your first time at this particular rodeo,” I snickered as the man lay down fully on the desktop. The blush of light red hair across his tight ass, and Dylan looking over his shoulder while popping his butt up at me, brought another roil of impending orgasm to just about the spot where the front of the harness cut slightly into my belly.

My clutch was up on a shelf to my right, thrown where I assumed it had landed when we came in, not that I recalled jettisoning the thing. I reached for it, slid it down the shelf to get it closer, then wiggled out of my dress. Dylan’s eyes widened as he got a good look at my big tits in my lacy underwire bra, and I reached for my clutch again, and this time plucked my small bottle of lube from it.


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