Nothing Ventured (Copy)



Nothing Ventured: A Twisted Tale of High Tech & High Heels by Salome Verdad

When übergeek and start-up founder Ed meets pretty blonde Amanda at the venture capital firm where he is seeking first round funding, he little suspects that she plans to introduce him to her own brand of BDSM sex. Ed has no experience as sexual submissive, but Amanda is happy to show him the ropes ” and the gags, the nipple clamps, the spanking paddle and the strap-on. Initially, Ed is afraid to refuse her attention but as the relationship moves on, his feelings for this amazing and very dominant female grow.
With a little help from some off-prescription pharmaceuticals Amanda soon has Ed just where she wants him; tied down with his rear in the air, ready for the taking. However, Amanda has some demons of her own to exorcise, and her delight in subjugating Ed is mixed with doubts and uncertainties. Does she really want to be a dominatrix at all? Or would she rather bottom for an old public school friend and right-wing extremist Shona, and her leatherdyke motorcycle gang?
As Amanda introduces Ed to pegging, enforced chastity and transatlantic teasing and denial, he is drawn into a complex geometry of sexual jealousy, abduction and dodgy independent film-making, where nothing is quite what it seems.
Includes: Gags, chains, leg spreaders, humiliation, chastity devices, strap-on sex, anal sex, hot wax, ball stretcher, CBT, anal play, oral sex, nipple clamps, cuffs, spanking, bondage, female domination, male submission, cattle prod, and boot licking.

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