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Nursing A Grievance by Lance Edwards

Taken under the wing of Sara, an experienced nurse at Milton General Hospital, Shanna has no idea how her life is going to drastically change. As the new girl on the block, Shanna’s first night on the floor of the hospital will be a huge turning point for her life. Under the direction of Sara, Shanna meets her first patient, Tommy, and begins her discovery of sexual conquest. Tommy, being fully restrained and gagged, is forced to endure oppressive enemas at the hands of these depraved caretakers. The two women soon realize they have more in common with one another than just work; they both have a lust for domination and rugged lesbian sex. Sara and Shanna move in together in order to spend more time together discovering new ways to please and punish each other.
Alan Young is looking for a job so he can earn enough money to be able to move out of his stepmother’s house and be free of the dominance she reins over him. He sees the ad that Shanna and Sara run for a male roommate and is very excited. Of course, he is received into the hands of the girls who cannot wait to have him at their beck and call. The women turn Alan into their personal slave, to be tortured, humiliated and changed into their very own she-male, Aileen.

Dr. Wycombe, one of the most feared doctors Milton General Hospital, has tormented and raped almost all the nurses who work with him, frightening them so they will not prosecute him. Little did he know what would happen when he brutally raped Shanna in a supply closet. By getting everything on tape, she was able to get her revenge on the nasty doctor. Sara and Shanna, two obviously well matched vixens, turn their love for one another into a diabolical world of degradation and carnality, that includes an orgiastic bachelorette party and a female servant Aileen, who will find an exciting and excruciating new life of perversion she never expected.

Included in this tale are Female domination, bondage, humiliation, whipping, gags, cock and ball torture, sodomy, breast torture, clit torture, feminization, ass fisting, golden showers, rugged strap-on sex, lesbian sex, nipple clamps, caning, enemas, wax.

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Deep inside Sara still nurtured the dream that someday her closet cell would belong to another, and that she could perform alongside her Mistress as a fellow dominatrix. Ironically enough, the first step toward realizing that dream sprang from the same source that had almost obliterated it: asshole Dr. Wycombe.

Having learned much from the debacle of her earlier reaction to his molestation of her Mistress, Sara was able to do far better on the next occasion. If she couldn’t provide what her lover really needed – an end to these depredations – she at least reminded her of a better way to salve the feelings of powerlessness and humiliation they engendered.

It was eleven-forty on a Friday morning. They’d barely been out of their staff meeting and onto the floor proper for a quarter of an hour when Sara heard a sniffling behind her that she immediately recognized as coming from her Mistress. Heading with anticipatory delight for the room of her old ‘friend’ Tommy, she stopped on a dime and wheeled around.

Shanna’s eyes were watery and red, and upset warred with anger in her blotchy, pixie face. Sara’s heart broke and went out to her immediately.

“What is it, Shanna?” she asked in a low voice.

“What do you think?” the younger girl hissed back. “The bastard Wycombe just got me again! He followed me into linen storage when I went to get a blanket for old Mister I’m-Always-Cold-Get-Me-Another-Blanket Weinstein!” She shuddered uncontrollably with revulsion and impotent fury, grinding her bared teeth.

Sara was of course instantly torn between being utterly outraged and intensely concerned. For a moment she was couldn’t decide whether to enfold Shanna in her arms uninvited or find perverted Dr. Wycombe and claw his eyes right out of his head – after she ripped his little dick off by the roots that was. At last she mastered herself.

Neither of those actions would exactly further her career. Inspiration struck Sara then like a blessing from heaven.

What had she told Shanna that first night in the bar? That she should take compensatory satisfaction from other, more helpless men whenever she could. And here she was, already on her way to the very errand that would fit the bill perfectly. Sara leaned in closer and whispered conspiratorially.

“Come with me, Nurse Ward. I know how you can put this out of your mind. Young Tommy is plugged up again, and Miriam just sent me to disimpact him. As you have yet to be trained in this procedure, I think you’d better come along and let me further your education.”

Shanna’s expression cleared immediately at this. Her eyes took on a grimly intent shine that was the opposite of incipient tears. She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.

“Yes Nurse Stern, I believe you’re right. I need to learn all about this procedure immediately. You never know when I might have to perform it myself.”

Sara’s own anal passage puckered cringingly at this loaded statement. What might she be getting herself into now? Nevertheless she turned without a word and marched on down the hall. Shanna fell determinedly into step beside her. When they reached 519 Sara held the door open and respectfully let her secret Mistress precede her.

Tommy was waiting for them restrained in his usual fashion. Seeing two nurses enter instead of one, particularly these two nurses, he immediately began to keen and struggle with irrepressible excitement. Today his darkest compulsions would be satisfied and capitalized upon like never before.

Sara pulled a wad of latex gloves from her pocket and handed a pair to Shanna. Smiling meaningfully – and threateningly – at helplessly squirming Tommy they each drew them on. Then Sara smeared a generous amount of surgical lube onto the fingers of her right hand.

“The trick is to get as far inside as possible to make sure you remove the entire blockage,” she lectured, moving forward to confront Tommy’s upraised backside. “Nurse Ward, can you get a hold of our patient and still his thrashing about?”

“With pleasure, Nurse Stern!”

Shanna gripped Tommy’s genitals, pulling his already intensely tumescent erection unnaturally backward even as she squeezed his testicles ruthlessly. Tommy squealed with agony and then subsided, panting explosively through his nose. Once he’d settled down Sara inserted her index finger into his rectum, pushing it all the way inside.

“Oh dear, this is going to be difficult to reach.”

She backed out and thrust forward again, repeating this maneuver several times. All three people in the room were breathing heavily now, and not just moaning and writhing Tommy. Still thrusting rhythmically and suggestively, Sara added a second finger, her longest middle digit. After a few minutes she was using three, and twisting them back and forth, reaming Tommy open ever wider as she worked her hand in and out.

“Are you paying attention, Nurse Ward? I hope so, because I’m going to ask you to do this yourself in a minute.”

“Oh yes, Nurse Stern. I wouldn’t miss a second of this; education is extremely important to me. I need all the practice I can get to become a true professional at my chosen craft.”

At last Sara had all four fingers inside. Probing and groping ever deeper, she at last began gouging the hard mass of impacted stool from Tommy’s ass. This stretched him worse than ever of course, as he squealed and thrashed and keened with a rabid excitement. At last Shanna released his genitals and moved around to where his sweating, beet-red face was pressed against the mattress. Standing with her legs well apart, she gripped the hem of her dress with both hands and lifted it up, exposing her vagina to his first-time-ever view.

“Seeing you suffer like this makes me sooooo hot, Tommy!” she giggled evilly. “Can you smell my pussy? It’s all juiced up, eager for penetration. Of course the only kind of penetration you’ll ever experience is the kind occurring right now. Think about that why don’t you, as Nurse Stern forces nearly her entire hand up your ass!”

Just then Sara pried the main blockage out of him, grunting at the effort required, and Tommy could take no more. Wrenching and struggling madly against his restraints he ejaculated more forcefully than ever, his madly glaring eyes glued to Shanna’s pussy the entire time.

“I think that’s all of it,” Sara declared. “But I want you to check it Nurse Ward, and demonstrate your proficiency for me.”

“Yes, Nurse Stern,” Shanna answered obediently, giving Sara a devilish and decidedly menacing smile at this ironic inversion of her customary authority. She lowered her dress and moved back to Sara’s side. There she lubed her own right hand while Tommy slumped and shuddered in aftermath.

This time it was Sara who gripped and squeezed Tommy’s balls. Of course their poor patient was so stretched by this time that no incremental insertion was necessary. Shanna plunged her four fingers straight into him. Then after twisting and groping a bit she gave a snarl of unlimited satisfaction and forced her whole hand in right up to the wrist.

“I think he’s empty Nurse Stern.”

“Well you’d better be sure. We don’t want to be right back here doing this all over again anytime soon. That would be a terrible shame and imposition on us.”

“How true!” agreed Shanna with infinite irony. She pulled back a bit and then punched forward even harder and deeper into Tommy while he thrashed and squealed and sobbed like a baby. Again and again she did this, fucking the helpless male with her fist, no doubt imaging it was Dr. Wycombe she was brutalizing all the while. But at last she withdrew her clenched hand from his ass and stripped off her gloves.

“All cleaned out Nurse Stern. I’m sure you’ll find my technique extremely satisfactory. Thank you so much for the education. I’ll be sure to put it to use at every opportunity.”

Without another glance at terribly weeping Tommy – or suddenly acutely anxious Sara – Shanna turned smartly about and marched purposefully out of the room.



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