Obedience Training of the Stepford Men


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Obedience Training of Stepford Men: Pain, Humiliation and Change By Lee Allen
A femdom Novel based on the short story Spanked into Submission in the Pink Flamingo series. It continues the development of Stepford House where men are reeducated to become obedient to, and respectful of, women. Nancy, Jane and her slave, Bruce accept referrals in Houston. The women want changes that enable behavior more in keeping with what they had envisioned when they first got together or with what is required to meet their current expectations. Wives participate in the last half of the training and decide on the persona they want in their partners, including a boy toy, chauffer, gardener, sex slave, slut boy, office boy, and house slave.
Mary decides to bring her 28 year old playboy husband, Paul, to the Stepford house when his father and older brother, Ron, demand that he become more responsible and work his way up in the family business. Nancy describes the nature of the program to Mary and gives examples of men that have been helped to become obedient partners. She also gives examples of how their self-help groups enable women to gain control in their relationships.
Paul is strapped to a “learning table” and asked questions while Nancy jams a dildo into his rectum. Each question is accompanied by a thrust. If he gives the right answer, she goes on to the next question. If he gives the no answer, the wrong answer, or hesitates, she repeats the thrust and question. The session ends only when all questions have been answered correctly. During the three months of training, Mary falls in love with Ron and Paul is brainwashed to accept that he will be their house slave working wearing only short shorts and boots cutting lawns in the family landscaping business.
Paul’s story is just the start in this heavy-handed Femdom novel where women reign supreme and their men grudgingly come to accept it.
Obedience training involves use of dildos, whipping, public humiliation, brainwashing, scrotal banding, cock cages, ball stretchers, nipple clips, mouth bits and blinkers, posture collar, cock and ball vibrator with suction device, spanking, light bondage, degrading manual labor, strenuous exercise, strict diet, face sitting, ass licking, body shaving, cock teasing and restraint, and housecleaning duties.

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