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Obedient Men by Orlando

Another wildly wicked excursion into the world of Dominant women and submissive men. In these twelve short stories, you’ll find hapless men in a world of hurt, sometimes by choice, sometimes driven there by brutal, unforgiving females who need a slave to abuse in ways that degrade and humiliate. This is fetish content in the extreme, with watersports, forced bi, feminization, creampie (no condoms used), toilet service, maid service, lesbian encounters, degradation, cunnilingus, ponyboy, castration, flagellation and more. From Jimmy reaching his limit in Breaking Point, agreeing to become Kara’s slave when she skewers his balls to the forced cunnilingus that Pam demands from Mike in Are You Going to Lick Me or Just Look? to Jelly Roll where Christopher’s request for an escort in Vegas goes awry and he winds up serving Dianne as a ponyboy. The most horrific situations for the submissive male become diabolical pleasures for the women on top. The 10th collection in Orlando’s popular “Men” series. These plus his two novels are stripped down, raw, inventive Femdom fiction at its best.

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When I got home my wife was sitting on the couch looking at a piece of paper in her hands. There was a small duffel bag next to her. She looked up and motioned to me.

“Come over and sit down for a minute, I need to talk to you,” she said.

I sat down next to her and waited expectantly.

“You know how for the past two years you’ve sometimes hinted and sometimes come right out and asked me to take you as my slave?” she asked.

I nodded, not knowing where this was going.

“It just happens that about two months ago we got a new member in our bridge club and she and I really hit it off and I confided in her your desires and…”

I felt a little thrill growing in my groin but I waited for her to continue.

“Instead of being shocked or disgusted she explained to me how I might benefit and actually enjoy such a relationship,” she said.

I liked the way this was going but kept my mouth shut because I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to say what might turn out to be the wrong thing.

“Anyway, I met her slave who used to be her husband and… well… I liked it… so, I guess the question is do you still want to be my slave?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Is that a yes?” she asked.


She glanced at the paper she was holding and said, “I need you to say the words “Please make me your slave’.”

I swallowed hard and said, “Please make me your slave.”

“Take off all of your clothes,” she said.

“My clothes?” I said stupidly.

“Yes, slaves don’t wear clothes,” she explained.

I was so excited at where things were going that my dick was threatening to rip my pants. I jumped up and ripped off all my clothes.

“Now, kneel here in front of me and we can do this formally,” she said.

I kneeled in front of her. She was wearing a very short skirt that had ridden up and I got a clear view of her panties which inflamed me further.

“Put your chin on my knees,” she said.

Putting my chin on her knees put my face only inches away from her crotch which got me even more excited.

“Now, ask me again,” she said.

“Please make me your slave,” I said.

“Brian, I want you to understand that if I accept you, if I put my collar on you that this will not be a game. You will really be my slave for the rest of your life. Tell me you understand,” she said.

Real? The rest of my life? I didn’t understand how that could possibly work, but I was too far gone into the fantasy that I’d always dreamed of to stop now.

“I understand,” I blurted.

“Ask me to collar you as my slave,” she said.

“Please put your collar on me and take me as your slave,” I said.

I watched from the corner of my eye as she reached into the bag, pulled out what looked like a very substantial collar and buckled it around my neck. Then she reach back into the bag, brought out an industrial looking lock and held it in front of me.

“This is your last chance to change your mind,” she said. “Once I put the lock on you are my slave forever. There will never ever be an opportunity to say ‘Wait! I changed my mind!’. So, let me hear you ask me once again.”

My dream was coming true! Then, she spread her legs a little, giving me a better view of her panties and that was it for me. I was lost.

“I understand,” I said. “Please take me as your slave,”

She put the lock on. I heard it click and then she said,” I destroyed the keys to that lock. We don’t need them because that collar is never coming off.”

That didn’t make sense because surely she wasn’t going to make me wear it to work.

“Now, I want you to turn around. On the coffee table you will find a stack of papers. I need you to sign, date and initial where appropriate,” she said.

I turned as she asked and picked up the stack. I glanced at the first one. It was a General Power of Attorney. The second one was a resignation from my job. The third one was divorce papers that gave everything to her. The fourth one was a Power of Attorney that gave her the right to make any modifications to my body that she wanted. I didn’t look at the rest. I threw them down in disgust.

“What is this, Sally?” I stammered.

“That’s Miss Sally, slave,” she said coldly. “You will address me politely. As to the papers, as you are no longer human you have no need for worldly things.”

“I’m not signing these,” I said.

She looked down at the paper she’d been reading, smirked and said, “She said you’d say that.”

“I’ve changed my mind,” I said. “I don’t want to be your slave if that’s what it means.”

“She laughed and said, “She said you’d say that also.”

“Who is this ‘she’?” I asked.

“My new friend, Mary.”

“Well, fuck your new friend, Mary,” I sneered. “I’m not signing.”

“When Mary reviews the tape and hears you say that you will not believe the grief that she will rain on you,” my wife said. “I watched her beat her slave senseless when all he did was spill a drop of her pee when she was using his mouth to relieve herself.”


She nodded to something behind me. I turned around and saw that our camcorder was set up and the red light was on.

“Why are you recording this?” I asked.

“To make it iron clad that you begged me for this,” she said.

“Well, I’ve changed my mind,” I said, turning to the camcorder. “I do not agree to become your slave.”

“You don’t seriously think that part will survive when I edit this and save it as proof of your desires, do you?” she laughed. “Now sign the fucking papers before I get pissed off.”

I stood up, turned and lunged for the camera. I didn’t get even close before a raging circle of fire hit my neck and put me on the ground, writhing.

“That was the lowest setting,” she said. “Sign the papers.”

“No, I’m not going…”

The next blast was almost twice as bad. It took me almost three minutes before I could move.

“That was number two and there are ten,” she explained. “By four or five you will lose the ability to speak ever again and I understand that ten will make you a vegetable.”

I crawled over to the coffee table, picked up the pen and began signing.


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