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Obedient Men by Orlando

Another wildly wicked excursion into the world of Dominant women and submissive men. In these twelve short stories, you’ll find hapless men in a world of hurt, sometimes by choice, sometimes driven there by brutal, unforgiving females who need a slave to abuse in ways that degrade and humiliate. This is fetish content in the extreme, with watersports, forced bi, feminization, creampie (no condoms used), toilet service, maid service, lesbian encounters, degradation, cunnilingus, ponyboy, castration, flagellation and more. From Jimmy reaching his limit in Breaking Point, agreeing to become Kara’s slave when she skewers his balls to the forced cunnilingus that Pam demands from Mike in Are You Going to Lick Me or Just Look? to Jelly Roll where Christopher’s request for an escort in Vegas goes awry and he winds up serving Dianne as a ponyboy. The most horrific situations for the submissive male become diabolical pleasures for the women on top. The 10th collection in Orlando’s popular “Men” series. These plus his two novels are stripped down, raw, inventive Femdom fiction at its best.

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