Obsession & Compulsion: The Perverse Twins of Erotica


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Obsession/Compulsion: The Perverse Twins of Erotica by Don Julian Winslow

Psychologists tell us that Obsession and Compulsion are two sides of the same coin. And so it is understandable that people are compelled to think about, and perhaps even to perform, the most outrageous sexual acts. Caught up in their unique dramas, they find themselves helpless, their lives swept up before the awesome power of Eros.

COMPULSION:  Webster defines compulsion as: “A feeling of being irresistibly driven to perform some irrational act.”  Compulsion delves into the sexual perversities of lovers and strangers, ordinary men and women who are driven to the most extreme lengths by sexual fantasies whose terrible power they can neither understand nor control. OBSESSION: This collection presents tales of men and women at play in the many variations of human sexuality; from stories of everyday lovemaking, to those that skate the outer fringe of sexual expression.  Stories for those who welcome and thoroughly embrace the powerful role that SEX plays in their lives, reveling in its uninhibited lust.

Includes Masters and Mistresses, discipline, punishment, spanking, examination, humiliation, exhibitionism, anal and graphically, erotically detailed sex.

About the author: Don Winslow is an internationally recognized master of erotic ficton.  Hollis Compton, critic for New Age Publications, has called Don Winslow “the Maxfield Parrish of erotic fiction.”In this collection this best-selling writer brings togther two of his classic works: Obsession and Compoulsion in a package being offered exclusively  to readers of Pink Flamingo Media

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