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One Way Marriage By Xavier Couperin
“There’s no turning back now, my baby-dicked little husband. I won’t allow it. You were given every opportunity to show me there was something of the man I thought I’d married still left to you and you declined each and every one. Now that door’s shut. By being where you were, and how you were, when I came through that door you committed yourself to me ” and I intend to see you keep that commitment.”
A husband loses it all to his wife. After becoming financially dependent on his wife of ten years, the once macho Martin Kent finds himself forced to accept that not only has he been relegated to the role of dogsbody and flunkey but he will also have to come to terms with the fact his wife will be stepping outside of their marriage ” with both sexes. Includes Female domination, male submission, M/m, cuckolding with men and women, cock cages, cock rings, chastity, oral service, humiliation, dog training, multiracial sex.

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