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One Year of Love


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One Year of Love by J. Peters

Hazel has spent months at work flirting with her work colleague. The electricity between them is extreme. She’s never wanted a work relationship and is not about to start. To her, it’s harmless fun to help the day go by, but the thought of spending day and night with the same person is a real turn off.

However, on the night of the Christmas party she gives in, initially assuming it’s a one-night stand. She quickly learns how much pleasure there is in trusting a man, living out fantasies, making new ones and sexually letting go completely.

Hazel discovers that in being open with herself and her trusted, and similarly minded partner, every day is a new sexual day with new experiences. She’s free to experiment and to learn, as she opens to experiences she’s only fanaticized about.

One Year of Love follows Hazel story in a collection of erotic stories written from the man’s perspective but with the woman’s pleasure in mind. Exploring the love and affection between two passionate, sexy lovers, their journey reveals that sex is a choice to embrace and enjoy.

Includes, sex, romance, love with oral and straight sex, bondage, masturbation, fantasy and more!

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