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The Panitus Maiden, A Tatus World Novel by Harp Strathe

Ione Canosh stands on the gallows. A mob stretches at her feet. Tatus have won the uprising against their Panitus oppressors. As a Panitus, Ione is about to be executed by Kye Min, a Tatus rebel. But instead, Ione finds herself falling, secretly taken captive by Kye Min. When she wakes, she is bound and at his mercy.

As a Panitus Maiden, Ione was engaged to marry Beshiel Dvorak, the Captain of the Panitus Legion. Beshiel Dvorak brutalized Kye Min’s wife before he murdered her, and Kye wants revenge. Still believing everything that she’s been told about Tatus, Ione meets Romy, Kye Min’s son. Through the boy, Ione learns the true nature of Panitus oppression.

Reluctantly, Kye Min yields to the growing friendship between Ione and Romy. When Ione begins to teach Romy to read, Kye Min sets up a school for her to teach and protects her from other Tatus. He gives her a place—at his estate, and in his bed.

But Toby, a representative from the new Tatus government, is hunting Ione and has an order to hang her. And unknown to Ione, Beshiel Dvorak is still alive, waiting for an opportunity to take her back.

A Tatus high fantasy novel with strong non-consent themes, maledom, bondage, spanking, BDSM, and anal play.

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