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Paula & Her Professor by Charles Graham

Unlike her younger student classmates, Paula Bailey is prepared to argue that her theories are equally as valid as those of her Professor and is challenged to prove her claims by taking part in a summer-long experiment to be conducted by him.
Unwilling to back down and lose face, she accepts his challenge and at the end of Spring term, finds herself in a situation far beyond her experience…and even farther beyond her control….
At the remote, totally secure location selected by Professor Goss, Paula is unable to escape or resist the conditioning and submission imposed on her by his incredible experiments and as the weeks speed by, she learns that he has much more in mind than simply testing her theory.
Will she be able to defy his machines and his plans for her future…..and by the time the Summer break is over, will she even want to…?

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“Come in, Paula. May I call you that? Good. Would you care for a drink before we get ready to begin?”

While she sipped from a tall crystal glass and Professor Goss outlined what he had in mind, a shiver of excitement rippled through Paula’s slim frame to the realization that he intended to make the experiment as realistic as possible by not only locking her into the cellar under the research facility, but also by putting her into bondage.

It was the first time he had mentioned tying her up and when he explained that a real hostage would invariably be restrained to prevent any possibility of escape, Paula began to wonder quite how far he was going to go in the pursuit of realism.

She had never been bound in her whole life and when it dawned on her that once she was helpless, he would be in total control and she would be unable to resist, she felt a delicious tingle of fear and became embarrassingly aware of a hot wetness between her thighs.

Despite herself, she couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to be so completely at his mercy and to know that he could do anything he wished to her.

She stole a glance at him and wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed to see that he appeared to be completely calm and unemotional, as if totally focused on the details of the experiment and unaware of the erotic possibilities of having a young and attractive female tied up and at his disposal for several weeks.

Doing her best to match his professionalism, she tried to suppress her own unwanted feelings of arousal. He set down his glass and asked, “Well, Paula, are you ready to begin our test?”

She took a deep breath and replied as casually as she could, “Yes, of course, Professor. How do you suggest we start?”

With an apologetic smile, he took a typed sheet of paper and offered it to her, “I am afraid the first requirement is your signature,” he said. “This note is confirmation of our agreement, stating that you are a willing participant in our experiment and have not been coerced or otherwise intimidated into accepting your role as hostage. By signing it, you absolve me of any possibility of being charged with kidnap or other offences and declare that you accept full responsibility for your actions and any consequences both before, during, or even after the term of the experiment. Please read it and if you are willing to go on, sign and date at the bottom.”

Paula took the sheet and scanned it briefly, unwilling to embarrass either him or herself by checking every detail as if she didn’t trust him.

As far as she could tell from her cursory reading, it said pretty much what he had told her, that she was willing, he hadn’t forced her, she agreed to become his hostage of her own free will and gave him authority to run tests as he saw fit, the experiment to be completed by the end of summer break, if not concluded earlier.

It seemed OK and she took the pen he offered, signing and dating the form before handing it back to him and trying to hide the thrilling anticipation that made her hand tremble slightly as she committed herself to becoming his helpless prisoner.

He nodded, “Excellent, my dear. Thank you. Now, I have taken the liberty of providing a change of clothing for you. Something rather more suitable than your current apparel and much more practical for the sort of tests we will be performing. You’ll find it in the bedroom down the hall, so if you would care to change, I will prepare everything here. Just leave all of your own clothes on the bed and come back when you’re finished.”


The gleaming black, skin-tight rubber suit was a real surprise to Paula and for a moment her resolve weakened as she realized that the stretchy material would hug every curve and hollow of her body.

Wearing it, she would be displayed almost as if she were stark naked and she felt her face burn with a mixture of guilty shame, undeniable arousal and intense curiosity as she imagined how she would look to his eyes with her breasts and buttocks and thighs molded by the polished rubber.

Perhaps she should have asked exactly what sort of “tests” he had in mind before agreeing, but if she started raising objections now, it would look as though she had lost her nerve and was having doubts about the validity of her arguments.

Her pride would not let him have such an easy victory and even though she couldn’t help but wonder what she was letting herself in for, she was stubbornly determined to go through with it.

She was going to prove to him that she was just as academically rigorous as he was and if that meant wearing the strange suit, then wear it she would.

After all, he was a senior and highly-esteemed Professor with an unblemished reputation and impeccable credentials in his field of expertise. Someone who would surely never use his respected status to perpetrate anything underhand?

Reassured by her own reasoning, Paula stripped off her clothing and underwear and laid them on the bed, then, naked, inspected the suit more thoroughly prior to putting it on.

The first things she noticed were the astonishing built-in boots that formed the lower section of each leg and terminated in blunt-toed, ballet-style boots with impossibly high arches and heels a good seven inches in height.

The instant she saw them, Paula knew that walking in them would be a difficult, precarious and uncomfortable activity.

Running or any sort of quick movement would be completely impossible and as she realized that they were a highly-effective form of bondage in themselves, she gulped in nervous fascination, understanding that Professor Goss was leaving nothing to chance.

As his volunteer “hostage” she was to be given no easy way of making a successful escape and if she was to free herself before he brought the experiment to an end, she was going to have to work hard for it.

His reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail was clearly no accident and Paula felt her belly swirl with unexpected warmth as she tried to envisage what other preparations he might have made to achieve the “realism” he demanded in his work and that of his students.

Surprise number two came when she lifted the rubber flaps that were the only flaws marring the polished sheen of the suit and found three nylon zips.

One at the tip of each molded breast-cup and a much longer double-ended one running from the rear of the stiffened collar down the spine and between the legs to a point three inches below where her navel would be.

Her face reddened to the thought that her nipples and sex could be made available at any time, even if she was to be tightly bound and as she imagined the zips being slid open to provide unhindered access to her most-private and sensitive areas, the wet heat between her thighs grew hotter still.

The rational part of her brain tried to convince her that Professor Goss was not the sort of man who would ever do such a thing to her against her will…but the emotional, primitive part that lurks in the dark recesses of every human mind, responded to the possibility with immediate sexual excitement, stiffening her nipples and releasing a slick of juices to coat her sex in preparation for love-making.

Ashamed of her instinctive arousal, Paula struggled to regain control of her traitorous body, crushing back thoughts of sexual pleasure with Professor Goss until she was able to re-establish some semblance of normality and make herself believe that she was once again the sensible, logical, level-headed woman she had always thought herself to be.

“I am not a real prisoner,” she told herself aloud, “and he is not my real captor. I can handle this and I will handle this without letting these crazy feelings get the better of me. Get a grip, girl. It’s not real. It’s only an experiment and we both know that.”

Then she began to put on the suit, doing her best to ignore the sensual pleasure that set every nerve-ending in her skin tingling with delicious pleasure as the supple rubber enveloped her in a tight, warm cocoon, holding every inch of her body in a firm grip as it molded itself to her smooth curves.

Just as she had feared, the ballet-boots did indeed force her feet onto the tips of her toes and triggered an immediate sharp ache in her calves as her legs became an almost straight line from toes to groin…but as she saw herself in the mirror and marveled at the gleaming picture of displayed femininity she had become, Paula knew that she had never looked better or more desirable.



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