Prince Imay’s Palace


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Prince Imay’s Palace by Chris Bellows
Prince Imay is a lecherous member of the royal family of an oil rich kingdom. Though first in line to succeed the King, his time and vast wealth are not spent on grooming his leadership skills, but instead on his menagerie of exotic animals, entertaining royal nieces and nephews and on expanding his huge collections of erotic photographs and women. Money, perversion, misogyny and absolute power combine to make Prince Imay’s large Palace a showcase for young women who earn their way through college by catering naked to his voyeuristic and sadistic passions. Nothing escapes the lens of his camera, the pictures forever to be archived; no part of a girl’s anatomy is sacred when it comes to entertaining the Prince and his guests.
Extensive bondage, whips, canes, forced chastity and lactation, plus a powerful female accomplice are used to convince the Prince’s charges that amusing Royalty can be rewarding and lead to a very thorough ‘education’. For those who agree to appropriate body modification, it can become a very curious career path. The demented mind of Chris Bellows focuses on the male dominant in this intriguingly lustful story of how Middle Eastern wealth entertains itself. For readers looking for hard extremes of S&M, body alteration, fisting, anal and humiliation to name some of the graphic content explored in this unusual novel.

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