Prison Reform



Prison Reform by Daphne Chennault
Theresa Maryland is an FBI agent, and an ambitious one. She’s just completed a successful takedown of the KKK, and now the Deputy Director has offered her a new case. If she pulls it off, she’ll be two jumps away from her goal of Director of the Bureau. But she’ll have to go undercover, as an inmate at a prison.
She’s not afraid! After all, she’s taken credit for her boyfriend’s operation and dropped him cold, becoming Theresa Mayfield, a three-time loser who’s joined New Beginnings, an experimental rehabilitation program with an incredible 100% success rate. Female inmates enter one door of the prison, and a year later exit as happy, successful, sexy women who never re-offend. How do they do it? That’s what Theresa intends to find out!
Once inside the walls, Theresa finds herself in a tightly-disciplined work farm where women who talk back or don’t obey are spanked or whipped. They’re also subject to rigorous tests, exercises, and character-building, which makes them become their fantasy selves. Unbelievably, hard-core offenders are morphing into smooth, sexy ladies who grow flowers, cook like chefs, and do exotic dancing! What is going on?
Now, she’s starting to think about changing herself, too. Her secret fantasy of being a sultry sex-bomb is starting to take over her dreams. But in New Beginnings, dreams have a way of becoming reality.
Includes: MF/f BDSM, training, spanking, bondage, whipping, discipline, punishment, humiliation, graphic sex.

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