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Private Therapy by Lance Edwards

A master in the art of Femdom erotica, Lance Edwards latest novel gives readers new twists and a lot more depth, raising Private Therapy from its niche of fetish-themed erotica to potential mainstream triumph.

Karl Jensen suffers from hysterical paralysis. His only hope of healing lies in the unorthodox therapy of Doreen Drake. Yet despite her lavish use of discipline and sexual humiliation on a helpless patient, a naughty nurse she is certainly not. Driven by compassion, she is a dedicated professional applying a uniquely effective treatment.

That paradox opens the path to a surprisingly complex coming-of-age exploration. Filled with love and loss, tragedy and redemption, this raises important ethical and public policy issues while exploring the ambiguous relationships that can develop between patients and their long-time caregivers. Along the way, it wallows in erotic dominance, peaking finally in a wild revelry of pegging: a long popular if little acknowledged fetish perhaps apt for its fifteen minutes. Includes as full range of BDSM activity, Female domination, male submission, extreme bondage, torture, whipping, electro stimulation, CBT, sex toys and much more!

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Private Therapy


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Looming over him in his supporting sling, her breasts jiggled beautifully as she gently rubbed and complimented him.

‘You are a very bright young man, Karl. I was impressed by the way you devoured those college psychology texts. And you are insightful too. You examine and understand yourself the way few people do. So I’m going to trust that you’ve figured out the relatively simple therapy I’m already applying as part of your rehabilitation.”

Nurse Drake finished working that creamy lotion into the scraped and bizarrely naked-looking skin of his pubis. As she drizzled more on his equally hairless crotch and balls and resumed using a bare hand to rub it in, Karl tried to focus past his obeisant delight and absolutely manic arousal – not to mention those fantastic breasts. The moment had turned serious.

“I believe I have, ma’am. You’ve been trying to show me all there still is to live for, particularly women like you – if there could possibly ever be another like you. You are fantastically unique, a true goddess to me.”

“Thank you darling. You are very sweet. But once you’re cured you will realize you are mistaken. There are millions of women out there worthy of a guy like you – once we get you straightened out. But you are right in that I am providing incentives for you to forgive himself and rejoin the world. The rest of your treatment I will explain shortly. But first I have to provide some more incentive, not to mention put your mind at ease in at least one ridiculous particular.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for you for a while now but couldn’t at the clinic. Here however I can take liberties that are really necessities. I can treat needs that the blinkered strictures of modern industrial medicine criminally deny. This will be good for you, at least once. I need to dispel the silly fears you’ve been harboring along with your guilt and self-hatred.”

Nurse Drake had squirted another generous dollop of lotion into her palm. Without further word she suddenly took Karl’s raging monster into that hand. She smeared cream all over him, closed him in her fist and began jerking him briskly – no soapy simulation of a hand job but the expertly administered reality of it. Like when she’d stripped the condom away, Karl was suddenly wracked by muscle spasms, his entire body shuddering violently at this unexpectedly extreme stimulation. Chains jingled, water splashed from his thrashing feet and he cried out in surprise and absolutely mind-blanking ecstasy. All thoughts of blame and anguish and his awful sins, his worries about how he would react to sexual pleasure were off in some other universe. His only awareness beyond the overwhelming sensations of that strong, slick hand so vigorously pumping his long-suffering, incredibly intense, twenty-month celibate erection was of the instinctive servility this deity evoked in hm. Before he could even begin to fear the toxic associations he’d expected, Karl was jerking involuntarily in the sling that supported and restrained him. Then he was spouting out the most convulsive ejaculation of his life.

All throughout his orgasm Nurse Drake kept squeezing and pumping, bending his spasming shaft out between his knees. That way his ejaculate spurted out into the churning water below – and his incredible pleasure was enhanced with just the right amount of erotic distress. When at last it was clear that not even a drop more remained to be coaxed out of him, she released the shorn and chastened-looking monster. Pulling the sponge back on, she gave Karl a wicked grin as he hung there panting and twitching and moaning in disbelief.

“That was fun. And I know you enjoyed it. I trust you see now how silly you’ve been about the prospect of orgasm. You haven’t been condemned to impotence darling, or to an aversion/compulsion struggle every time you get intimate with someone.

“Tell me young man, did you think about Krista at all just now? Or were you so blown away that you could only think of me and what I was doing for you?”

“I thought only of you and the monster, ma’am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for wringing his neck like that. You have the acclaim of all the townsfolk.”

Doreen laughed at that, followed by a fond look and a return to subject.

“You see? You can still have a perfectly normal and healthy sex life once we get your other issues worked out. I’d call this an even bigger breakthrough than last night, wouldn’t you?”

“Absolutely, ma’am! Thank you again!”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure. I admit I enjoy milking a boy. I like the rush of power it gives me. Only don’t expect such a heavenly lesson again anytime soon. Once you are healed I will no longer be able to restrain myself and we will go to Maui and make wonderful love for a fortnight. How’s that for incentive? But until then the needs of your treatment are paramount.’

‘I understand, ma’am.” Actually he didn’t. All Karl could concentrate on for the moment was the slowly fading tingling in his groin and the amazing promise just delivered.

Doreen really intended to make love to him! So exalting was this thought that it pushed even the wonderful breakthrough just achieved from his awareness as she at last soaped up and washed his slumping penis. He didn’t even pursue the opening she’d given him to discuss what this treatment about to begin actually entailed. But what did that matter? His person of worship would provide all the answers as he needed them.

Next it was back to practicalities. Doreen got him to void again, then drained the tub. Using the hand-held sprayer she rinsed them both and the tub too as it emptied. She dried them off with those delightfully pre-warmed towels and brushed their teeth. She dabbed Karl with a hint of cologne – another grooming innovation she instituted without discussion despite his long scorn of its use. But rather than return him to the bed for dressing (where were his clothes anyway, not to mention his laptop?) Nurse Drake transferred him to the therapy mat.

The day’s challenging intimacies had barely begun. Karl drew a quivering breath as he settled onto the pad. Both of them still nude, Doreen unhooked and removed the sling. Thanks to the way he’d been slouched in this, he now lay on his back with his legs bent up and flopped out wide to the sides, a supremely demeaning posture that showed off the emasculation of the monster – now of course retreated into defeated quiescence. Yet rather than arrange Karl’s limbs in dignified fashion Nurse Drake left him like that as she rose up – surely not by accident. Towering over him like a colossus unclothed, she grinned down at his timidly reverent abjection.

“Sit tight, darling. You may get to sprawl around brazenly naked all day, but your nurse has to slip into one of her at-home uniforms. We need to re-establish some formality here.”

Doreen disappeared into a wardrobe. Left splayed out like a frog about to be vivisected, Karl lapsed into rapture. A post-orgasmic languor combined with his nurse’ wondrous promise and his cosseted prostration to fill him with a shameless bliss. He felt like a submissive little bitch-dog, lifting his legs and cravenly presenting his belly to the dominant alpha. Roving his eyes indolently around the room as he wallowed thus in subservience, Karl noted the strange stationary bicycle he’d missed before. This was draped with snaking black cables and hooked up to a keyboard and panel of electronic readouts.

This contraption pricked his runaway fetish further. But before he could be stirred to properly study it he was claimed by a far more compelling vision.

Nurse Drake emerged from the wardrobe. Her still-damp hair was pulled back into a severe ponytail and she wore a pair of high white workout shoes. Other than that her at-home uniform consisted only of spandex: white shorts and a matching top that was little larger than a sports bra. Clearly it was less constrictive though. While that stretched fabric clung to breasts and buttocks like a second skin it did little restrain their natural movement. Red piping served as the only decoration, and a curious symbol on one breast articulated the authority this deity’s bearing suddenly brimmed with. This was the traditional red cross, yet linked to a pink circle above it to form two insignia in one: the iconic medical symbol integral yet subordinate to that of the female. In any case Nurse Drake looked not only consummately authoritative but athletic and sexy, somber and stern and determined now to use all the extraordinary latitude she’d assumed in taking possession of him. Karl watched her approach with obsequious worship and sudden trepidation, automatic lust and unease in equal measure. Doreen’s expression was reminiscent of his dream when he stood fidgeting at sixteen after being turned over to her. His recently milked penis began twitching its way to attention in its usual irrepressible homage, and she squatted easily before this. Crouched between his frogged-out legs, she took his bare and exquisitely vulnerable balls into a possessive grip that was not-so-subtly threatening as well.

“Do I have your respectful attention, patient?”

“Always, ma’am.”

“That’s good. Because I’m now going to explain what your problem is, and how I intend to treat it. Listen, understand, and accept. I am the only one who can or cares to heal you.”

Doreen gave his testicles a gentle squeeze, emphasizing her words.

“You need more than just argument and incentive, boy. You need to resolve the guilt afflicting you deep inside, where it’s seated. And the only way to do that is to satisfy your demand for punishment. Your dreams and obeisant cravings are reflections of your own subconscious knowledge of this; in fact they are a cry for help to me that I can’t possibly ignore.

“I think we can agree you made a terrible mistake darling, and one rooted in an unacceptable character flaw. You did a thoughtless, reckless thing that had disastrous consequences for the bullied girl who loved you. And truly you deserve to suffer for this – but not in the pointless, wasteful, repugnant way you’ve chosen.

“You need to suffer in a medically responsible way, under the sway of someone you can trust to always have your best interests at heart. Someone you share an intimate connection with, who can shepherd you through the ordeal and help you use it to heal. Optimally you need an archetypal goddess-type figure that speaks directly to your subconscious, one who can represent both the vengeance and mercy of femininity that you so desperately need.”

Glorious Doreen paused to let the truth of all this sink in. Then she squeezed him again for emphasis, hard enough to make Karl gasp at the roiling pain. With his undivided attention again she made him a solemn declaration.

“On behalf of your girlfriend and all women who have been misused or failed by men, I will allow you to atone for your sins in an appropriate way. Thus your buried need will be eased and you can dispense with blame and self-hatred. Appease the Goddess through suffering and you can get back on with your life. This is why I have brought you here: to atone, to heal and lastly to address that character flaw so that you recover from your mistake a better person than the one who made it. To that end I’m going to supply you with everything you’ve been mutely begging me for and more. Along with and incorporated into your regular treatment and daily care this year you will be systematically humiliated, educated and above all punished, subjected to ever-worsening bondage and discipline until you’ve paid your debt to femininity.

“You don’t need to endure the state home to atone, boy. That’s too dangerous, gross, and wildly disproportional. I told you I was commuting the sentence you levied and I am. That sentence commences today, and I promise you it will be punitive enough to suffice.

“So hold fast to your worship, young Karl! Remember that though I’m going to make you suffer, it’s because I love you and want to heal you. And know that though this treatment is certainly unorthodox, and would never be condoned by modern factory medicine, it is highly effective and extremely necessary in cases like yours. Indeed your case should be ideal for these techniques, as I’ve been saying all along.

“I’ve never seem someone so openly craving for punishment and atonement. Now that you know your needs will be met, are you sexually excited by the prospect Karl? Are you as fanatically committed to this as you promised to be? And are you in agreement that this is exactly what you need? Of course it’s going to happen to you regardless, because I’m convinced. But I so want us to be in loving harmony.”

“We will always be that,” Karl croaked out of a suddenly dry mouth. His mind was whirling, searching for flaws in Doreen’s reasoning and finding none. He understood everything now: the sneers of the board member, the behavior of the clinic staff, and his own mystifying compulsions most of all. That didn’t leave him any less prey to them however. Nurse Drake was right: he felt as much erotic thrill as terror and hope at the ordeal promised. He didn’t need his utter isolation and powerlessness to enforce his agreement, or his sworn word, his hopes for a cure or even his boundless love of this incredibly special female. Just the allure of abasing himself before her, of suffering the judgment of her totemic womanhood was irresistible.

“The answers are all yes. Your will is my own until this over, Nurse Drake. And even then my love and fealty will be eternal. You are right in everything you say, as always. Do what you must to me, please. As always you have my eagerly willing submission.”

“As you have my love and respect, darling. Now that we understand each other, it is time to resume our new daily routine: range of motion and physical therapy – though as always now we will undoubtedly work plenty of both punishment and incentive in too.”

Indeed: what was a half hour or forty minute session back at the clinic soon proved a painful, grueling ordeal of nearly two hours – and one as erotically exciting as it was demanding. With far more room on the mat than his old hospital bed Nurse Drake stretched and worked his limbs relentlessly, often lying right atop him in a way that would have raised serious eyebrows back at the clinic. Here it raised the monster back to ravening. Squashed between their bodies or straining into space, or crushed against the mat when Karl was rolled onto his front, the fact that he was allowed to rear up unfettered made for another thrilling change. But of course most arousing of all was the fact that Doreen was utterly pitiless as she put him through this passive workout. Karl often felt like he was in the wrestling ring as his flaccid limbs were pulled and strained into numberless devilishly stressful configurations. Painful and exhausting as it was however this hardly qualified as suffering. Entwined with or crushed under that fabulous, nearly naked body, naked himself, Karl found having his fantasies of prostration finally indulged perversely rewarding beyond words. Surely far more trying ordeals lay ahead. Yet for now the incentive he was being lavished with remained more challenging than the treatment. Despite being blessed by the most powerful orgasm of his life just now Karl was driven into a tizzy of frustrated lust and beyond before Nurse Drake finally let him collapse into groaning relief.


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