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Proper Training by Patrick Richards

Bobby has secret fantasies and fetishes. He’s spent many hours on his computer reading porn, fascinated by Female Domination. He reads stories of men being whipped and tortured. In his mind he changes places with those submissive souls, imaging himself locked in chains and feeling every stroke of their Mistress’s whips. He watches videos on X-tube and searches out other fetishes, excited by what he sees. It not just mental, it’s sexual. After hours on the internet, he gives himself the sexual release that he needs. Porn becomes the pleasure he seeks.

And then, quite unexpectedly, he wakes one morning after a drunken party to the realization that someone actually has total control of his life. He’s owned by a woman ” his most desired fantasy has come to life. No, it’s not a buy and sell transaction, but when you control a man’s cock, you control his life.

Over the next few years he experiences it all from occasional cross dressing to total feminization. He finds out what being used and abused really means, as he serves both men and women alike, satisfying their lust and their sadistic needs. Bobby isn’t forced to do this. He wants it. He craves the pain and often asks for more. He grovels before Mistresses and Masters, willing to serve their every need. He knows that this is his role in life. His destiny.

F/m, M/m, chastity, feminization, consensual, slavery, submission, bondage, torture, body modification, oral, anal, extreme.

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“Oh fuck!” I moaned out loud, and that even hurt.  I lay there in bed and felt like I had been run over by a truck.  My head was pounding, my throat was dry and I felt like death warmed over.  I half-expected I’d start throwing up any time soon.  When I tried to open my eyes, the sunshine from my window made me close them tight.  Let’s face it, after last night’s partying I was not ready to start my day.  I turned over away from the window, pulled the pillow over my head and tried to go back to sleep.

So much for that thought.  I had to piss.  I could feel the pressure on my cock and couldn’t put it off any longer.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed but figured that I’d never get back to sleep if I didn’t.  With much trepidation I rolled over, opened my eyes and clumsily headed into my bathroom.  It wasn’t easy since I was rather hung over.  I stepped up close to my toilet and pushed my boxers down enough to pull out my cock.

“Holy fuckin’ shit!” I exclaimed.  “What in hell is this?”

I had reached into my under shorts, expecting to grab a fairly hard dick to take my morning piss just like normal.  What I grabbed was a hand full of hard metal bars.  At that moment I was totally awake and was staring down at a shiny steel cage of sorts.  There was a quarter inch thick, solid steel ring tightly circling my cock and balls.  My dick, however, was even more confined and inaccessible.  Rigid curved metal bars with numerous rings around them held my dick in a tight little prison.  Through bloodshot eyes I closely examined the strange device, not knowing where it even came from.  The cage was maybe an inch in diameter and not over two inches long at the most.  My soft cock completely filled all the available space, even pushing through the narrow openings between the bars.

Upon closer examination I found a small cylinder-type lock with a very strange looking key slot.  Then I tried to get it off.  No matter what I did, there was no way to extricate my pecker from this hideous prison.  It seemed that there was no way out.

“God, I don’t know what this is, but I’ve got to get this fiendish thing off,” I told myself.

I pulled and pushed on every part of the device. Then I tugged and even twisted it, but the only thing I did was hurt my balls.  Before long the realization of my dilemma sank in.   There was no escaping the monster that had gobbled up my manhood.

Suddenly I heard my mother yell.  “Are you finally up?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Then get some clothes on and get out here.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and headed out into the kitchen to face the music.  My mother sat on a stool at the granite-topped island drinking her coffee.

“Sit down… we have to talk,” she calmly told me.

“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning?” she calmly asked.

“No not yet,” I responded.

“Well, maybe you should.  Where were you last night?”

“I went to a party.”

“So what happened?”

“Not much.”

“Not much!” she exclaimed.  “So why did I find you sleeping on the front porch at two o’clock this morning?”

“Asleep… on the front porch?” I asked in total confusion.  Hell, I don’t remember even leaving the party.

“I was kidding about the sleeping part.  You were totally drunk and passed out cold.  You reeked of marijuana, and you’ve got a hickey the size of a golf ball on the side of your neck.  And you respond by saying, ‘Not much.’”

“I have no idea.  Let’s talk later.  I’m going in and take a shower.”

“Not right now you aren’t?”


“Because we aren’t through.  Sit back down.”


“You missed your curfew, you smoked dope, drank to excess and I have no idea what you and your girlfriend were doing.  You’re acting just like your father.  So, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Nice try.  Well, let’s see how sorry you are, since you’re grounded”

“Grounded?  How long?”

“A month, maybe more.  At least until your B average is an A, and you’ve learned your lesson.  The lesson part could take until the end of your first semester.”

“January?  An A?  Quarterly Reports don’t come out for a better than two months.”

“Then your grounding lasts until then.  And if your marks aren’t up, I’ll take your phone away as well.  Understand?”

“That’s not fair.”

“Fair?  You’re on a very slippery slope and heading down the same road as your father.  Is that what you want?”


“Then your actions will change.  When they do, I’ll end your grounding.  Besides, this is your Senior year.  You have to apply to colleges right after the holidays and by then you will have a straight A average.  Understand.?

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Anything else you want to discuss?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Now you can shower.”

I headed back to my bathroom and looked in the mirror.  She was right.  I looked kind of bad.  Finally I stepped into the shower and let the hot water pound down on me.  It helped, but it would take a while for the alcohol and pot to work their way out of my system.  I figured it might take hours to get back to normal.

When I stepped out, I stood in front of the mirror once more.  On the back of my bathroom door was a full length one.  Using a smaller hand mirror, I closely examined the new major problem in my life.  No matter what I did, it wasn’t coming off.  I tried pulling my pecker out of the bars of my jail, but quickly discovered that the inside of the cock portion had little protrusions that prevented it.  I quickly realized that I was fucked.

After the usual bathroom stuff I headed back in my room, slipped on my sweats again and sat down at my laptop.  It didn’t take long to find out the unsettling news.  I had a high security chastity cage on my privates.  I found the exact one I was wearing.  This goddamn cage was no toy.  It was the real thing.  The reviews were even more damning.  The fucking thing was made of triple, case-hardened steel and the lock took a special key.  And without that key, the only option was a cutting torch.

Yea, I thought.  Like I’m gonna let someone use one of them on my privates.  I had to find out how it got on me in the beginning.

I went to the door and yelled, “Mom, I know I’m grounded, but can I have Alex and Johnny come over for a while?  I need to talk to them about last night.”

“Yea, it’s okay,” she replied.

I picked up my phone and texted them.  “Emergency!  Get you f-ing asses over here now!  Hurry!”

They both arrived in about a half hour.  I turned on some music loud enough that my mother couldn’t hear our conversation.

“How’d I get home last night?” I asked them.

“We brought you home.  You were pretty drunk, but you said you could make it to your bedroom,” Alex replied.

“Well, that didn’t work out too well.  My mom found me passed out on the front porch about two.”

“Shit.  What’d she say?”

“Nothing ‘til a few minutes ago, and she isn’t very happy.  Besides being drunk on my ass, she smelled the pot and saw this on my neck.  I’m grounded for at least a month, and I have to get my grades up.  Tell me what happened.  Who was I with?”

“Í don’t know, Johnny tried to explain.  We had some beers and shared a joint.  Some guy was passing around a bottle of Southern Comfort and you took a couple shots.  About eleven you and Jill Spencer went in the bedroom and were making out and stuff.  Later we found you passed out on Jamie’s bed.”

“Who else was in there with me?”

“I don’t remember.  Stacy, Ginny and Sherry… I can’t be sure.  There were several girls and a couple of guys.  Why all the questions?”

I stood up and pushed down my sweats.  “How’d I end up locked in this?”

“Holy fuckin’ Christ!  What is it?” Alex asked.

“According to the internet, it’s a goddamn chastity cage.”

“A what?”

“A chastity cage, and it’s locked on so I can’t remove it.  Someone at the party had to put it on me for a joke.  But, it’s not funny.  According to the reviews on the manufacturer’s website, it’s impossible to get a boner, jerk off or even have sex.  And I can’t get it off without the key.”



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