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Proper Training by Patrick Richards

Bobby has secret fantasies and fetishes. He’s spent many hours on his computer reading porn, fascinated by Female Domination. He reads stories of men being whipped and tortured. In his mind he changes places with those submissive souls, imaging himself locked in chains and feeling every stroke of their Mistress’s whips. He watches videos on X-tube and searches out other fetishes, excited by what he sees. It not just mental, it’s sexual. After hours on the internet, he gives himself the sexual release that he needs. Porn becomes the pleasure he seeks.

And then, quite unexpectedly, he wakes one morning after a drunken party to the realization that someone actually has total control of his life. He’s owned by a woman – his most desired fantasy has come to life. No, it’s not a buy and sell transaction, but when you control a man’s cock, you control his life.

Over the next few years he experiences it all from occasional cross dressing to total feminization.  He finds out what being used and abused really means, as he serves both men and women alike, satisfying their lust and their sadistic needs. Bobby isn’t forced to do this. He wants it.  He craves the pain and often asks for more.  He grovels before Mistresses and Masters, willing to serve their every need.  He knows that this is his role in life. His destiny.

F/m, M/m, chastity, feminization, consensual, slavery, submission, bondage, torture, body modification, oral, anal, extreme.



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