Property of Ms. Zaynab


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Property of Ms. Zaynab by Vera Carlisle

In a moment of delicate intimacy, Shaunna Renton confesses to her husband Michael’s business associate, Ms. Zaynab, that he has been unfaithful to her. While the two women have grown close while they’ve been living in London, Shaunna is shocked by the woman’s immediate response. “Men can be dogs. Sometimes it is best to let them see your anger at their behaviour. Only then can they be trained to know their place… if I were in your shoes, I would start to regard him as a canine in need of training. Until just the mere thought of disobeying you fetches fear to his heart!” The betrayed Shaunna is shocked but nonetheless intrigued by the suggestion. Husband Michael will soon travel to the Middle-east in anticipation of overseeing Ms. Zaynab’s huge development in the region, but there is something far more sinister afoot. He may think he’ll be handling her development, however, it’s Ms. Zaynab who fully intends to oversee him…for life! A tale of Female domination and male servitude, with extreme doggy training, caging, CBT, cunt worship and oral service.

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