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Protege Mistress – ebook



Protege Mistress by Gregory Allen

Kevin wins a chance to give a foot massage to his secret crush, Diane, when he loses a card game. He brings a beer into her living room to find Diane, who is a stickler about coasters, has set his on the floor. He kneels in front of her and pays up on his bet. After her massage, Diane gets Kevin to admit that he was hoping for a kiss. She offers her feet, and while he is passionately kissing them he is treated to the sight of Diane pleasuring herself.

Diane is Kevin’s manager at the pizza shop and after proving himself so useful, she promotes him to Manager’s Little Helper. She includes Monica, another driver, in their celebration of his promotion, and Kevin soon learns Monica isn’t simply aware of Diane’s power over him; she encouraged Diane to claim it. Both women have Kevin hustling around the pizza shop to make their jobs easier. They initiate a demerit system, where either of them can assign demerits for his failings. Monica piles them on.

Monica has a party with Diane and a couple new friends, and Kevin is locked in the closet. He is the surprise waiter! He serves the ladies drinks and appetizers, and acts as a coffee table when they put up their feet. Monica has devised a cruel game where Kevin has to scamper across the floor for a ball and bring it to the feet of a lady

Years pass, and Diane runs into Monica. The two of them have coffee, and Diane discovers that the incredibly powerful looking Monica is a bona fide dominatrix. Catching Monica up on her life, Diane shyly admits that she married Kevin, from the pizza shop. Monica sounds surprisingly pleased, but when Diane divulges that their marriage is a little bland, Monica arranges to show up for a visit.

Kevin, thoroughly shocked to see Monica again, grudgingly does as he’s told when Monica informs him that he has not been pleasing his wife. Over the course of the next few weeks Monica gives explicit instructions on exactly what Kevin is to do to make amends with his wife, and visits once a week to make sure he’s followed through. A massive change happens to Kevin & Diane’s marriage with the help of the feisty dominatrix.

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Excerpt from Protégé Mistress, Chapter One: Coaster on the Floor


“We can never date, you know. I signed a contract when I became a manager. It’s against the rules for me to date people under me.”


“So what am I doing here?”


“We can be friends. There’s no rule against that. Besides, you have to pay up.”


The elevator opened to a dimly lit hall with the musty, vague smell of a motel, but stepping into Diane’s room was like crossing a portal into an enchanted world by comparison. The place was immaculate. The same grayish carpet as the hall was so clean it glowed. A pink carpet just inside the door, whose long strands had turned dark at the edges, was the only sign of grime. Diane kicked her shoes off and set them on the circle of carpet. She moved through the room turning on lamps. “I like light.”


Kevin ventured across the living room and looked into the kitchen. A bottle of wine gurgled as Diane filled her glass. She passed him on her way by. “Grab a beer from the fridge.”


A few bottles were scattered near the back. Kevin twisted the top off one and sipped. He stepped into the living room and stopped short. “What is this?”


Diane gave a slight shrug and smiled. “I’m a stickler about coasters.”


“Okay, but why…”


“You’re paying up on the bet, aren’t you?”


“Of course.”


“Well then.”


Diane sat with her glass of wine on the wooden armrest of the couch, coaster underneath. The other coaster sat on the carpet just past her feet.


“So you want me to sit on the floor?”


“Not sit.” Diane lifted her glass and sipped. With her legs crossed, one socked foot swung above the floor.


Kevin tried to lighten the mood with a sheepish grin, but Diane countered with a confident smile. Kevin wanted to kneel in front of her, to massage her feet, and he knew she knew. He moved forward, leaned his knees into the floor, and sat back on his heels. He took another quick sip of his beer then set it on the coaster as Diane stretched her foot toward him. Kevin took it in his hands.


“Oh, yes,” Diane said as soon as he began massaging, then giggled lightly. Kevin focused on his task, keeping his eyes down. He squeezed one hand around the top part of her foot and applied circular pressure underneath with his knuckles. He attempted to bring technical proficiency to performing this task to alleviate the straining in the tightening crotch of his jeans. He needed to take his mind off what he was doing before his discomfort got worse, not to mention obvious.


Diane seemed intent on not letting him. “You look so cute down there,” she said. “Fitting, don’t you think? You lost the bet and now have to kneel before your victor.”


“I have to listen to you tease me, too?”


Diane’s other foot slid across the carpet, stopping between his knees. “Oh, yes. You have to, part of being the loser. Can you take it?”


“You are a good 31 player. I admit it.”


“No, that’s not good enough.” She sipped her wine. “You have to say, ‘Diane is a superior 31 player, and I pledge myself as her foot masseuse for the night.’”


Kevin laughed. He ran his thumb along her instep, giving circular massages under each toe.


“You have to say it.”


Keeping her foot held up, Kevin reached for his beer with his other hand and took a swig. He let the liquid swish through his dry mouth before swallowing. “I didn’t know that was part of the bet.”


“Just say it.”


He peeked up at her face, saw her smiling down at him, and quickly lowered his gaze. “Diane is a superior 31 player, and I pledge myself as her foot masseuse for the night.”


“Good. Very good. See? That wasn’t hard, was it? Switch.” She pulled her foot away and lifted the other, raising it almost up near his face. Kevin took her foot in his hands, moved it above his lap, and began with the same slow massage he’d given the other. Diane leaned back, settling on the couch. Her feet encroached on where Kevin knelt. “That feels so, so good.” Her eyes closed.


Kevin shifted on the floor, easing the pinching in his fly by maneuvering room. While he did make himself more comfortable, he also made his present state of excitement pointedly obvious. The minimal friction of his jeans caused a pleasurable flutter. He focused on Diane’s foot, giving the bottom penetrating massages with his knuckles then stroking the top with his other hand from her leg all the way to her toes. He listened to Diane softly moaning to determine what she liked. He lost himself in his task for a long while. When he came out of his trance, and grabbed his beer for a sip, he found Diane’s eyes had opened. She smiled down at him, her manner seemed drastically changed from just moments ago. “Hold it still.” Her eyes flitted to the beer in his hand, still on the coaster.


She withdrew her foot from his grasp and slowly moved it over the bottle. She caught his eye, gave him a smile—the smile was the change in her manner, gone from confident but playful to playful but insistent. Her big toe touched the rim of his beer and circled it. Kevin held the bottle still, didn’t utter a word or give a gesture of complaint. He simply watched her foot in the same trance he’d slipped into during the massage. Her tight socks revealed the shape of her toes. With the dexterity of fingers, they grasped the top of the bottle and twisted back and forth. Her big toe pressed as far inside the bottle’s lip as it could reach. Finally, she pulled her foot back. “Okay, go ahead.”


Kevin paused only slightly. He couldn’t look up, though he knew her smile beamed down on him. He raised the bottle, touched it to his lips, and drank.


“Well? How did it taste…better?”


“Oh, yes, it was wonderful,” he said, though he hadn’t noticed a change. The beer taste overpowered. Really, he would have wanted to simply touch where her foot had been to his lips and not drink at all, but he couldn’t with her watching.


She crossed her legs, her foot bobbed in front of him. “I’d like you to start using my name when you answer me.”


“Okay, Diane.”


“Say yes.”


“Yes, Diane.”


“Good boy.” Diane leaned forward. “Now, I want you to take my socks off, but do it slowly. Very slow and very sexy. Can you do that?”


“Yes, Diane.” Kevin cupped the heel of her foot that hung above the floor and squeezed. He moved his hand up, brushing her sock until his fingertips met smooth skin. He curled a finger under the elastic of her white athletic sock. Twisting in a zig-zag, he slowly tugged the sock down to her heel. Slipped it over and massaged her bare heel with his hand. He brought the sock down the length of her foot the same way, massaging her skin as he peeled the sock off. He removed it completely and gave each of her toes a squeeze and a slight tug, admiring the sight of them.


Diane switched her legs so that her other socked foot hung in the air. Kevin thought he heard a sigh escape her as her thighs swished together. He removed her other sock, slowly massaging as he went. He set the second on top of the first in a pile on the carpet.


Diane leaned back into the couch again. “Let me ask you a question, and I know you’re very shy, but I want you to answer honestly. Earlier tonight, when I invited you over, before I told you about how I couldn’t date you, were you hoping to kiss me?”


Her foot kicked toward where he knelt in front of her. Under the circumstances, he felt silly being scared to admit it, but he could barely meet her gaze as he answered, “Yes, Diane.”


She smiled. “Awww, you’re so cute. Blushing at my feet. Did you fantasize about kissing me on your drive over?”


“Yes, Diane.”


“Well, your fantasy might come true. Though it’s probably not going to happen exactly as you imagined. Do you still want to kiss me?”


“Yes, Diane.”


She frowned slightly. “I know you can be more polite than that.”


“Yes, Diane, please.”


She straightened her leg, her foot rose to just under Kevin’s chin. She pressed her foot down so that her leg from toe to hip stretched its full length. “Go ahead. Kiss me.”


At his eye level, Kevin could glimpse, under her pant leg, her smooth calf. He knew what she wanted, what she offered him, and he desired it as much as the kiss on her lips she had correctly guessed he’d driven over hoping to receive. This alternative was beyond compensation, it was bliss. He bent forward and placed a soft kiss on her foot.


“Good. Very good boy,” she said. “Now, one on the bottom.” She pointed her toes up, and the bottom of her foot hung inches from his face. “And you don’t have to be so quick. You can give me a nice, long kiss. Don’t be shy.”


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