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Public Spectacle by WR Maxwell

Planet xz345 delta was founded in 2103 as a penal colony for the galaxy’s antisocial criminals. Most prisoners were male, and while their sentences were limited, there was no way off the planet when they were released. By 2230, the non-prison population was nearly 2,000,000, 86% male. Females were highly prized, and jealously protected by their husbands. But with its large population of men, the crime of rape was common. Thus in order to satisfy the male libido and maintain order, prostitution was legalized and bordellos licensed with a small number of off-world whores. A single female could satisfy the sexual desires of a dozen or more men each day. The sex workers were protected from abuse, clients were protected from diseases, and the whole industry was taxed to generate revenue. While sex between unmarried people was not considered a crime, sex outside of marriage, with a partner who was not a whore, was strictly forbidden. Although stiff fines were imposed for offenders, it did little to curb unlawful sex. This led to more severe penalties, including M/f, some F/m, incarceration, behavior modification, public humiliation, and physical disfigurement in the form of branding, caning and spanking.


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