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Pulp Fiction – ebook



Pulp Fiction: A Life Dedicated to Service by Nat Cameron

A kinky fairytale fantasy told with humor and heart. Imagine a world of the future where human designer clones are raised to adulthood in government institutions to be sold as pets to the privileged few who can afford them. Mistress Sophia and Master Mark live in such a world, proud owners of two beautiful pets; a young man and a woman. They love their pets and treat them well, obeying the laws of state-sponsored pet ownership. Although sometimes pets need patient training, discipline, and sometimes even punishments, helping them to remember to serve without question and place the needs of others ahead of their own.

However, when Sophia runs into her old friend Jane, she becomes aware that Jane’s pets are being mistreated. Suddenly Sophia is forced to ask herself questions she had never considered before. Without warning, the lifestyle she and Mark have taken for granted and enjoyed for years is suddenly called into question. When do discipline and control become abuse? What should happen to pets and owners when owners cross the line and what are the laws governing all of it? Is revenge a dish that is best served cold? Or should it be piping hot?

Includes BDSM femdom, lesbian sex, gay sex, relationships, love, humor, pet girl, pet boy, slavery, ponygirl, headmaster, headmistress, collar, leash, training, discipline, humiliation, punishment, leather, incarceration.

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“Shhhh boy,” Mistress says as she looks at her new slave. Carefully she inspects the tight straps holding her new puppy boy to the bondage table. He searches her face worriedly and she feels herself tighten with excitement at his vulnerability and the look in his eyes as he struggles. He has been her possession for just under one month. Although he received the standard training that all would-be slaves receive in the government-run, two year pre ownership program, he’s still a young man who is easily aroused, energetic and impulsive. He is also unruly and often not obedient enough for her liking. She already feels genuine affection for him and so does her husband Mark, his new Master. Generally speaking their pup has adjusted well to life at his new home and he has shown little, if any jealousy towards their puppy girl, Fluffy but Mistress knows he still has a long way to go in his training and she loves reminding him, time and time again that he belongs to her now and whether he likes it or not, he is her new toy to use and enjoy as she sees fit.

“Now, now Rex,” she says, using the condescending tone she adopts when she is excited about exercising her new power over him. “You know you were a bad boy and bad puppy boy’s need to be punished don’t they? Hmm?” she asks, knowing full well that he will not speak when she has him in the role of a pet. The lesson about speaking out-of-turn had been sharply given to him one week earlier and the mark of her paddle had stayed on his ass for several days. She loved seeing Rex strapped uncomfortably into a ball gag, following obediently behind her on his hands and knees. When their friends were visiting, all of them, except little Fluffy of course, had taken such delight in further humiliating him by commenting on his misbehavior. They had spanked, patted and kneaded his athletic ass, marked as it was with the constant reminder of his disobedient behavior and his continuing need for discipline and punishment.

“You are not allowed to touch yourself boy,” Mistress says, as she looks at her bound slave on the bondage table. “Your body belongs to me now. You are my prized possession, see?” she says, un-strapping Rex’s heavy leather arm restraint and showing him the faint design on his skin. He sees his Mistress’ and his Master’s crest on the inside of his wrist. He looks at the two beautifully written letters; an S and an M, inside a small circle the size of a dime marking Rex as their own.

“See? The S is for Sophia and the M is for Mark or I suppose it could stand for Sadistic Mistress or maybe Mistress and slave, Master Mark and slave, sadist and masochist maybe. They all work so well too, don’t they pet? The point is you are mine. Yes, you keep your eyes on me. Good boy, I am pleased that you have remembered your lesson that puppies do not speak but unfortunately you have a new lesson to learn today.” Mistress turns her gaze to Rex’s smooth, supple body, a body made hard with hours of daily exercise and diet restrictions imposed on him during the pre-ownership program and even before that time, when he grew up in a government institution. Such had been his lot in life as a designer clone who was raised to be sold as an adult to serve the whims, needs and desires of his eventual owners.

Securing his wrist once again, Mistress feasts her eyes on his beautiful body. She checks that the straps around his neck, upper arms, chest, waist, thighs and ankles are tightly secure. She is enjoying the power she wields over him and feeling very excited that he is completely immobile. His cock is naked and unrestrained and it stands in a full magnificent erection.

“Such a greedy puppy,” Mistress says as she gently strokes his rock-hard shaft. “You were caught playing with my new toy. How on earth can I train you and bring you to heel if I don’t have control over your pleasure? How on earth would anyone control you if you were just free to pleasure yourself any old time you felt like it? I am going to give you permission to speak. Nod your head if you understand,” she asks condescendingly, further adding to his humiliation. Rex nods his head.

“Good boy now, who does this beautiful hard cock belong to?” she asks.

“It belongs to you Mistress and Master Mark.”

“Yes, and because you misbehaved I need to lock it up. You will be uncomfortable. The pressure will constantly make you think about our cock, right there between your legs but you will have no access to it. Your Mistress holds the key and she will decide when you are ready to be released. You will learn. You will wait and someday you will be a good boy,” Sophia says, as she places lubricating cream on Rex’s balls, exciting him in his bondage as he lies so tightly bound, unable to stop what she is doing to him against his will. Securing the ring around them, Mistress Sophia then waits patiently for him to calm down. She lightly slaps his cock, softening it enough to secure him into the metal cage that she holds in her hand. She starts pulling his skin and adjusting the metal mesh until he is fitted into it snugly and perfectly. When his cock is in as far as it will go, she continues to adjust it because she can. She then locks the cage in place with a tiny pad lock.

“There, much better and for the next three days at least, you will have an excellent opportunity to reflect on your behavior and think about all of the wonderful rewards that obedient puppies are able to enjoy when their Mistress and Master see that they have earned them. Have I made myself clear? Speak,” her voice is suddenly louder and commanding.

“Yes Mistress,” Rex answers.

“The good news is, by the time Mistress Stacey and Master Paul get here, I will probably be able to release you if you are obedient.”


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