Rebecca’s Loving Gift – ebook


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Rebecca’s Loving Gift by M. Daniel

Lesbian Femdom. An erotic BDSM romance. Rebecca and Saundra are two young women whose life has been dedicated to their proud and willing membership in a mysterious group known only as The Society. Within The Society, the women are devoted to a belief in the power of female orgasm and collecting that power. Rebecca and Saundra are designated as Contributors. Their lifelong purpose is to be constantly, sexually aroused, always on the verge of explosive orgasm but denied release. They are allowed to climax only at the hands of The Collectors. To increase and improve what is collected the girls are assigned a disciplinarian who keeps them aroused, then whips them, preventing them from climaxing until the proper time. The girls are spanked, paddled, caned, and tortured in every way to strengthen their contribution of orgasmic energy. But as the love between the two women grows, The Society loses its power over them, and they want to escape. Will they be able to flee the Society’s tight grip and pursue their loving BDSM relationship on their own? Fem/Dom, D/s lesbian, spanking, discipline, paddle, birch, rod, whip, cat-o-nine, switches, leather, brush, mistress and nanny.

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