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Rebecca’s Loving Gift by M. Daniel

Lesbian Femdom. An erotic BDSM romance. Rebecca and Saundra are two young women whose life has been dedicated to their proud and willing membership in a mysterious group known only as The Society. Within The Society, the women are devoted to a belief in the power of female orgasm and collecting that power. Rebecca and Saundra are designated as Contributors. Their lifelong purpose is to be constantly, sexually aroused, always on the verge of explosive orgasm but denied release. They are allowed to climax only at the hands of The Collectors. To increase and improve what is collected the girls are assigned a disciplinarian who keeps them aroused, then whips them, preventing them from climaxing until the proper time. The girls are spanked, paddled, caned, and tortured in every way to strengthen their contribution of orgasmic energy. But as the love between the two women grows, The Society loses its power over them, and they want to escape. Will they be able to flee the Society’s tight grip and pursue their loving BDSM relationship on their own? Fem/Dom, D/s lesbian, spanking, discipline, paddle, birch, rod, whip, cat-o-nine, switches, leather, brush, mistress and nanny.

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The morning came with a sudden and confusing burst of naked exposure. I awoke when the sheets covering us were yanked away in one frightening humiliation. I saw a figure standing beside our bed. I was trying to focus my eyes and make sense of things when there was an instantly burning sensation across my naked thighs. Then there was another and another before I was finally able to focus. I saw a woman standing at our bedside. She was wielding some horrible implement slashing it into my exposed flesh. It was her causing that painful burning sensation that so violently yanked me from my sleep.

I tried to ball up into a tight ball to shield myself from the assault. I tried. But the more I did the more savage the whipping became. From the corner of my eye I saw Saundra beside me. She was lying face down with her hands up behind her head and her fingers interlocked. Her legs were spread open. She was motionless. And she was not being whipped. In my wildly confusing hope to escape that horrible flogging I was getting, I positioned myself beside her in the same way. With my legs spread and my hands behind my head and fingers interlocked. Then as suddenly as it began the whipping stopped.

I was breathing so hard that my chest was hurting. I could not get enough air. My eyes were blind with tears. And my mind was swirling from the lingering fire of the lashing I had suffered. Oh my gosh! Never in my life have I ever had a whipping so severe. I have messed up before. And mother punished me well for it – believe me. But never anything like this. My whole body from my head all the way down to my toes was trembling uncontrollably. And it was not from fear or confusion but from the pain. I felt like my body was wrapped in a white-hot string of barbwire. There was nothing I could do to stop the pain. I guess that’s why my body was trembling so trying to shake off the pain. My mind was swirling like a dust devil. What was happening? Why? Who was that at our bedside?

“I bet you’ll know better next time won’t you, you little cunt?” It was a woman’s voice and instantly I knew this must be the nanny. “You’ll assume the proper position every time I enter the room or you’ll get more of the same. Is that clear?”

I heard myself saying ‘yes ma’am’ before I even realized it. But I was corrected with another cutting blow across the small of my back. And I was told, “It’s Nanny, not ma’am. I am Nanny with a capital ‘N’. Not ‘the’ nanny. Just Nanny. It’s who I am. It’s what I am. It’s what I do. I have a job to do. And I can see already that you are going to be a problem. But believe me you, you little cunt, you will obey me – both of you. Is that understood?” And in perfect unison Saundra and I said, “Yes, Nanny.” She stood there for a minute or so without saying a word. Then she turned and left the room.

After a few minutes, Saundra finally peeped over at the doorway. Then I could feel her breath a sigh of relief. “She’s gone. It’s okay,” she said, sitting up beside me. I was so traumatized, still frightened and confused, that I just lay there in position. My breathing was finally back to normal and my tears had stopped. But the pain was as fiery as ever all throughout my body. “It’s okay, Becky,” Saundra said. “Becky?”

“Okay. Okay,” I said, feeling right then like there was nobody else in the world I trusted but her sweet, loving voice. “I’m sorry,” I said. But I don’t know to whom it was directed. Then slowly, cautiously, I turned my head and looked toward the doorway. Then I sat up not even realizing that I still had my hands up behind my head with my fingers interlocked.

“It’s okay, now, really,” Saundra said, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek. She reached up and pulled my hands down. My fingers were so tightly interlocked that she had a slight struggle getting them loose.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m so sorry.” Then I burst into tears. She took me into her arms and held me close and let me have a good cry.

Some minutes passed before I regained some semblance of my composure. Saundra gave me one more kiss.


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