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Sarah’s Steed by Orlando

Sarah’s husband has always dreamed of having his wife dominate him, but it was never something that she wanted. That is until one day she surprises him, locks up his penis and enslaves him. His fantasy has become a nightmare!

He is taken to a ranch where Bridgett, the cruel female proprietor, turns wannabe slave boys like him into ponyboys. She also believes in a full training regime, including toilet service, personal female satisfaction and a rigorous program that trains a slave as to how to properly satisfy a man with his mouth. Instead of a fantasy that leads to sexual satisfaction, his life becomes a hell beyond his wildest imagining. Used as a pony to race against others for sport, used as a toilet, used as a vessel to satisfy other men and, above all, a tongue to give pleasure to jaded women.
When his training period is over he returns home as his wife’s slave. Sarah seems perfectly happy with the new status quo. But when she takes a lover, he’s forced to serve both of them. Not surprisingly, she gets bored and enslaves the lover, too. Can his life get any worse? Yes, it can. She divorces him and sells him to the pony ranch owner, Bridgett, where he spends his days as a pony and his nights are spent between some woman’s legs or with his mouth wrapped around some asshole’s penis. No hope for his own sexual relief.

Then, when his wife comes to visit, he contrives a plan to get her to take him back. All goes as he planned but in the end, she leaves him at the ranch, explaining that, after all, he is just a slave and any time she wants the great attention he can give her she can stop by and get it. He is broken. His life is over. The end? Well, not really as this book contains virtually all of the usual fantasy Femdom kink you’ve come to expect from Orlando. Enjoy!

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While she didn’t race, many times during the day I caught glimpses of the girl pony being shown off for the crowd.  Her owner must have used sun block to protect her flawless skin as she was out in the sun all day but didn’t burn.  She seemed very well trained but clearly gave the impression that she wasn’t happy being a pony which made me wonder how she could have ended up on the end of a whip.  Later, as my wife was unhitching me prior to the trip home I heard her ask one of the other women.

“What’s the story with her?” she questioned, nodding toward the still prancing girl.

“She and her owner were friends,” said the woman. “They used to come out here and run ponies together, shop together and vacation together.  Then one day she talked ‘Wildfire’ into putting on pony tack ‘just for fun’ and she has never let her go.  I think Melissa may have had some romantic feelings for her which weren’t being returned and this way she has her all to herself.”

“If you look closely you can see that she had ‘Wildfire’s’ labia pierced,” she continued, “and keeps her pussy locked up so she doesn’t accidently impale herself on something that might give her some pleasure.  I’ve heard that she likes to keep her quivering with desire for hours without allowing the poor girl any relief.  I have also been told that, except for any sexual release, she treats her quite lovingly and lets her sleep in her bed with her, instead of the barn.”

My wife just shook her head and looked at the prancing girl again for a moment then turned to me and said, “Just where you’ll be sleeping, well not my bed but my bedroom, if you behave.”

Melissa must have noticed my wife looking in her direction because she stopped having ‘Wildfire’ prance and walked her over to where we were standing.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Melissa.”

“How are you,” replied my wife, “I’m Sarah.”

“I see you have been admiring my pony,” said Melissa.

“She’s very lovely,” answered my wife.

Up close you could see that, in addition to the three locks holding her nether lips closed, she had a diamond studded belly piercing and two golden barbells through her nipples.  Her red tack was exquisitely done with a jeweled collar and waist belt, straps outlining her delectable breasts and leads running from her waist through her crotch on each side leaving her yummy looking cunt and its locks fully exposed.  “I’d like to accidently impale myself on her,” I thought.

“Would you like to touch her?” Melissa queried.

“What do you mean?” responded my wife.

“I mean play with her,” she said, “she’s such a slut and I like to keep her happy.”

I couldn’t imagine my wife fondling another woman, especially one who had no choice, in her former life but, she stepped up and started playing with the girl.  She stroked her ass lightly, fondled her breasts and played with her locks until you could see that ‘Wildfire’ was indeed on fire, trembling with desire, quaking with need.  I felt sorry for the girl because I knew just how she felt, worked up to the point of insanity and not being able to go.

As my wife stepped back Melissa said, “I love seeing her like that, when she wants it so badly.   I only let her have an orgasm once a year on the anniversary that I enslaved her.  Why don’t you have your slave kneel down and use his tongue on her a little?  It will drive her wild to the point of exhaustion but with those locks she won’t be able to go.”

My wife unharnessed me, removed my bit and pushed me to my knees in front of that beautiful triangle with an admonishment to Melissa, “I have to warn you that he is in a league of his own with that tongue so, if you really don’t want her to climax this is a bad idea.”

Melissa snorted and made some disparaging comment about how men didn’t have a clue how to lick pussy so I got to work.  I figured out in under a minute how to bring her over the edge but held back because I thought they might stop me.  They enjoyed watching poor ‘Wildfire’ writhe and twist and wiggle and moan for about five minutes when someone going by distracted their attention.  That was all I needed and I put her over the top.  Her cries of ecstasy caused everyone at the meet to stop talking and watch as her legs gave way and she lay moaning in pleasure on the ground.

To say Melissa was pissed would be a huge understatement, she was foaming at the mouth she was so angry.  After all, this was supposed to be sweet torture and frustration for her hapless slave and now I had undone months of her hard work.  My wife on the other hand was quite amused by the whole scene and by her little smile I could tell that she was proud of me.

Melissa dragged her charge from the ground saying, “Just wait until we get home tonight, I am going to tease you for hours and then I am going to spank you.  That’s right, spank.  I am going to take you over my knees in that little bad girl position that you hate and I am going to redden your bottom until you are bawling.  Then we are going to play tease the pony some more.”

Melissa went off with the poor girl while my wife, still wearing that secret smile, put my bit back on, led me up the ramp and tied me off in the van.  She fondled my penis a bit until it started to erect and reflected.  “Just think it’s only a week and a day until this ‘little’ thing gets to pretend that it is like a ‘real man’s’ penis, get erect and have a little spurt.  Not exactly like a ‘real man’, of course, but I’m sure you will enjoy what I have planned for you.”


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