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Scary Good by Alexander Kelly

David is a frustrated young man.  Frustrated because he likes to tie up women and is scared to publicly admit it, never mind trying to date and find a lady with complementary needs. But then Warren and Julia take up residence in the apartment building that David manages.  Immediately, they recognize David’s tendencies and guide him through his awakening as a dom.  Through them David meets Maddy, a submissive widow just a few years older than him.  Relying on his instincts and his friends’ help, David grows into his role as a sexually Dominant man. But with that growth come tests, the kind of tests that teach David just what kind of dom, what kind of person he is, and how there is no substitute for the open, deep trust between a master and a slave. This story of a young Dom’s journey includes tight bondage, intense interrogations, strict suspension, leather parties, ponygirl action, punishments, secret public play and whippings in a variety of male dom – female sub, and female dom – female sub roles.

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