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Secret Fantasies Fulfilled… And THEN Some by JG Leathers

We all have secret fantasies and most of the time, that’s what they remain, or should. JG-Leathers presents us with another tale of a man’s darker dreams brought to reality, when Alexander’s internal pressures finally become too much to bear. When he reveals his secret fantasy to his wife, he has no idea of how dramatically his life is going to change. Alex asks for her assistance in experiencing a night of fetish-filled bondage, even though until this point she had not participated in his kink and fetish life. She decides to give it a try and he soon attains what he has so desperately craved to experience, and wants more.

This first time for his wife proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable one, so much so in fact, that she immediately asserts her new-found power. He’s more than willingly at first and thrilled with the changed dynamic between them, as strenuous as her conditions become. Alex had thought the images of his darkest fetish interests were safely hidden in a secret file on his home computer, but his wife soon discovers the breadth of these, then begins to act on them also.

Soon, ALL of his long-hidden interests begin to come true and Alexander’s world changes beyond all recognition. She now makes sure that he remains always locked into both his chastity belt and the wide cuffs and collar he’d thought of as toys. Until his revelation, Alex had always controlled the keys, but now she owns them and there are no spares, and no escape. Alex becomes her slave, now always leashed, then soon, she insists that he accept intimate piercings, constant bondage, restraint harnesses, and all types of other things he’d only dreamt of. However, much to his growing horror it all becomes an integral part of his life, then she invites new found kink friends to help her administer his new existence as her Torment Toy.

JG-Leathers’ powers of vivid, descriptive detail will easily place you in Alexander’s position, or as one of his controlling Mistresses, ensuring that he never escapes his secret fantasies, now fulfilled.
Includes: transvestitism, piercings, severe bondage, rubber, male and female milking , body modifications, torment, chastity belts, steel restraints, disciplining jewellery.

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I’d arrived at this point in my journey by a long, circular route; it all having begun many years ago when I’d come upon the Latowski Chastity Belt web site and I immediately fell in love with the appearance and total functionality of the belt. I’d had many others from different manufacturers and even made my own, but the Latowski was orders of magnitude beyond anything I’d seen before and I wanted one badly.

Eventually, this came to pass and when I’d ordered the Latowski, I got one with all of the options, including the remote control/discipline e-stim capability, the extended locking posts and thicker steel frame, and extra restraint rings on the front and back shields and so could enjoy the use of electrical stimulation and controllability with a partner. That had never happened until now, and so I made more modifications to the e-stim systems by creating the base-of-the-penis ring and a cap for the head of the organ, with the electrode cable emerging from the upper edge of the belt’s front or back shields. With this arrangement and being fully-encased by the inner silicon liner, I could achieve intense sensations when connected to the e-stim machines. Next, came the addition of a separately controlled, bi-polar butt plug and that too added-in yet another dimension of sensation. and for a couple of years, I enjoyed the occasional, then more and more frequent use of it; locking myself into the belt nearly every day and enjoying the sensations of the intimate confinement that the it provided. However, being the person I am, I’d wanted considerably more than the fairly straight forward restraint of the device, and so added in my Axsmar, stainless steel thigh bands, gartering them to the extended posts on the waist cinch. The feelings of increased restraint and control were delightful and the entire ensemble could easily be worn under trousers or a skirt with no one being the wiser. Then, I added-in my Axsmar ankle cuffs and these too were easily concealed by both socks and trousers, or by boots and long skirts.

Recently, I’d modified the penile e-stim system yet again … this time creating the hollow, bi-polar, flexible rubber sound, and this could be separately controlled also. With this arrangement, now both the ring and cap, as well as the internal sound could be independently activated, or together, if the person in charge wanted to do so, with the hollow butt plug also available to add even more intensity. More recently, I’d also begun using the stretchy neoprene rings to further enhance the sensations of the intimate and unseen, primary captivity within the imprisonment of the belt itself. At first, the rings at the base of my manhood was a pleasant experience, leading to an automatic erection, but one that could not be satisfied, thanks to the locked-on belt. It was frustrating, of course, then after about two hours of this captivity, it began to get really disturbing because there was no possible way to remove the rings and thus alleviate the unending, thoroughly imprisoned erection.

Unfortunately, at that point, the internal, bi-polar urethral e-stim device and the solid bi-polar butt plug/dildo could only be used for limited durations, due to bodily needs, but I was working on a solution to these issues that would allow the wearing of both devices on a semi-permanent basis. I didn’t realize then, that they’d actually soon be fitted and I would be unable to remove any of the restraint and electrical stimulation equipment.

Being both a transvestite and a sensation slut, I owned and wore my self-adhesive, 38-DD, Amoena breast forms virtually every waking hour when at home. These had to be supported by tight, under-wire style bras, so that the breast forms became, quite literally, a part of my upper body. The sensations and mind-set of having large breasts that could not be concealed was, to me, a pleasant one, but once more, I wanted to feel something more from my nipples and breasts than just the mere weight and presence of the breast forms. I next created an arrangement that had nipple electrode pads and rim-of-the-breast ones, being very careful with the wiring to ensure that both nipples had the same polarity and both rim-of-the-breast ones did as well. Given the self-adhesive properties of the breast forms’ chest lining, these electrodes stuck to it, then also to my chest when the forms were applied, being held in place by means of both the adhesive backing and the tight bra. The electrode cables for the breast e-stim system emerged below and to the sides of the chest band of the bra and they too could easily be connected to the ErosTek machines, thus making for a complete e-stim ensemble; all of it completely hidden from casual observation.

And so, I’d made myself into a potentially, totally electrically-controllable being, and could, at the whim of a Mistress, be made to dance, scream, or howl with just the simple twitch of the e-stim machines’ dials. This situation was precisely what I wanted, but no one else had ever used it, other than me. I daydreamed endlessly of a truly fun (so I thought at the time) and scary experience; to be taken out for a walk by a Mistress, while fitted with all of my e-stim equipment and chastity belt, as well as with all of my Axsmar restraints, everything invisible under my outer clothing … an almost fully concealing Victorian Lady’s ensemble. Of course, the day dream extended to her ensuring that I obeyed her, by using various e-stim signals.

My present situation began to evolve when I finally gathered up the nerve to tell my wife that I wanted to experience a night of full-on bondage, totally-encased in rubber, complete with wearing a chastity belt, boots, gloves, steel restraints, and a locked-on gas mask.

This vision was sparked in part by a wonderfully erotic story written by a UK author, Mike Vickers, quite a few years in the past, all about a woman who voluntarily got herself into a highly-specialized suit that both tormented and pleasured her unmercifully, all of this happening at her husband’s command. So what has followed has become my own extension of that story, brought to real life, but in this instance … with my wife in command.

The ensemble I’d dreamt about wearing for so long consisted of, first, a rubber corset, then thick, shoulder length rubber gloves, these covered by a pair of deeply padded rubber Isolation Mittens with gauntlets that rose to the elbows. These would then be covered by the sleeves of the cat suit so that they could not be removed unless the cat suit itself was taken off first. My high-necked rubber cat suit, was a thick skin that would thoroughly isolate me from the surrounding world and was accompanied by an equally thick-skinned rubber helmet with a full face mask that would eventually include a blindfold and gag. Over top of the helmet and concealing them fully would be a helmeted gas mask and it would be locked on and thus inescapable. My lace-up, ballet-toed thigh boots were also to be part of the ensemble, and these would be added towards the end of my full encasement in rubber. I wanted to ensure that once I was encased/isolated within my rubber cocoon, that I would be utterly unable to release myself or to remove any part of the costume by myself, but I wanted a lot more as well. The ‘more’ came in the form of wearing my steel waist cinch and a penis tube; complete with e-stim and vacuum capability, and when both were activated I’d be completely controllable. This equipment could and would also be programmed so that both sets of devices would switch on and off at random intervals and for varying lengths of time during my nightly ‘rest’ period. The e-stim units themselves were also programmed to provide automatic stepping-up of the sensations they delivered, but for the moment I wanted the upper limit set at only 30% of their rated power (and even that level was very high for me), before having to turn the e-stim off and try to recover. I’d already experimented with the units at that power level, but could only stand the sensations for extremely short durations.

As well, I wanted to use all of my Axsmar cuffs and collar and have them locked-on over my rubber so that I’d be restrained and have no chance whatsoever to extricate myself from any of the things I wore, including the gas mask and helmet. It was my hope that my wife, Jessica, would assist me to get into all the gear and once I’d been fastened to the bed, she’d connect the breath control system to my gas mask, then all of the cables and hoses for the e-stim gear and the vacuum pumps. Once that had been done, all she would have to do would be to throw the Master switch that began the whole process for my night of bondage and discipline and to leave me for the night to ‘enjoy’ myself.

By this point, the Axsmar gear consisted of a collar, wrist cuffs, above-the-elbow cuffs, ankle cuffs, below-the-knee cuffs and thigh bands gartered to the hip rings of the Latowski chastity belt. In terms of how everything would be employed … my thigh bands would be connected by a short hobbling link and my ankle cuffs would also be joined by a 25 cm long hobble chain. I’d wear a long chain leash locked to the back ring of the collar and before being taken out, the Mistress would connect my above-the-elbow cuffs by means of a short chain across my back and my wrist cuffs would be locked together at my waist, with short chains leading to the side rings of my chastity belt. Over top of all of the leg restraints, I’d wear a floor length skirt and short, Victorian lady’s ankle boots, while above, a short cape and high collared blouse would conceal my arm bondage.

Appearing in public as a female under control of her Mistress is a big TV fantasy and so the back-of-the-collar leash chain would be held by her. Over her shoulder, she would have, in addition to her purse, both of the ErosTek units, and from these, long cables would be made into an umbilical that would lead to the connectors emerging from the waist band of the skirt, under the jacket’s edge at the back of the belt. I would have no means of disconnecting them, nor from trying to release my collar leash. With this arrangement completed, I could then be easily controlled in any situation; be it sitting in the car and being driven to where I was to go for a walk, and on the walk itself. It hadn’t happened yet, but I hoped it would at some point soon.

Another daydream, was to be held captive as an electrically-controlled Horse Man, wearing a heavy draught horse harness, horse shoe shod boots, a tight bridle holding a special ‘control’ type and gagging bit in my mouth, and it also fitted with blinkers. Too, there would be all of the rein sets needed to control a rebellious horse: anti-toss reins, draw reins, and of course, the regular type connected to the bit. Signals to me in this role, though would be done by e-stim, not by voice or reins. My dream role was to be attached to a light carriage with my arms connected to the waist belt’s side rings. The e-stim units would be mounted on the dash board of the carriage with the umbilical of the cables leading to a mount on my back, and then to the in-put parts of my harness. These parts would be fitted at the very beginning of being outfitted in the heavy duty-tack, and consist of the chastity belt, with the interior and exterior penile e-stim devices, as well as the bi-polar butt plug. On my chest, my breasts would have the nipple and surrounding electrodes attached and the cables for everything would go to the umbilical connection and thence to the carriage and e-stim units.

To signal that I must move forward, the driver would send a three second signal to the butt plug, then to make me turn to one side or the other, a signal would go to the breast and nipple on the opposite side, so that rather than naturally turning towards the source of the stimulation, I’d have to turn away from it. The indication for an increase in speed would be three short bursts of e-stim from the butt plug and the signal to slow down would be a three second e-stim burst to the penile electrodes. Of course, the signals could also be used in combination; i.e. turn and speed up or slow down. For discipline purposes, the breast cups could be used together, or in combination with any or all the others.

I doubted that these fantasies would ever come to pass, even though I had all of the equipment and harnessing described above.



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