Shadows of a Painted Lady – ebook

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Shadows of a Painted Lady by Lizbeth Dusseau

BDSM Romance. Haliday House B&B beckons its customers to its gracious and hospitable surroundings – and its dungeon. Catering to those interested in Dominance/submission and S&M, Haliday House lures Will and Carrie to its door. This couple has dabbled in S&M fantasies for many years, but once inside the B&B they take a tumble into the extremes of Carrie’s sexual desires, where she confronts the truth about her thoughts of slavery and submission.

She begins to dream of Haliday House, witnessing its many incarnations – as a prim Victorian family home where the servants are chattel; a bawdy speakeasy in the 1920’s; a sanatorium in the 1940’s where perverted acts take place in the dead of night; and finally as a 1960’s S&M sex club where wives are auctioned to other Masters. Carrie’s real life begins to mimic both her dreams and the lifestyle she sees around her…all pushing her toward an extraordinary choice.

This remarkable novel includes bondage, whipping, D/s mind play, spanking, punishment, body piercing, and a sexy slave auctions among its graphic sexual scenes.

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